Phoenix lost to life

"No!" I scream to the van which speeds along the sand, my hand clutches the hole in my stomach, but my now pale hand does nothing to stop the fast flow of blood which falls silently onto the shadowed sand. I feel my leg give way and as I hit the sand with my knee it explodes around me in a cloud of dust before falling again. The warm tears trickle from my ocean blue eyes and down my face and pool in the sand below my feet. I whimper and look up to the sky were the moon hangs unable to help me. I now become aware of the vast amount of blood I'm losing, but it is too late to do anything. I feel the dark night cover me, my eyelids become heavy and I suffer the pain of my wound just before I hit the cold waiting sand...

"Oy, wake up Pho" I blink to find Ash shaking me violently awake. I blink again clearing my head, except my mind has already started to work "Hurry up, you're up in ten" I nod and jump off the chair I had just been sleeping in. I see my costume on my makeshift bed; I walk to it pulling my nightdress off as Ash runs off the room. I pull the skinny black jeans on; I run my fingers along the words 'shot from the flames' embroidered in red on the back left pocket. The bikini-like top is in black leather; I clip the back and wrap the chains around my body in a crisscross way, then tie them to the belt loops. I turn to face the dusty broken mirror. In the dim light I see the sequin phoenix engulfed in flames on my right breast. I look away from my logo and to my wasted length, layered bright red hair; I give it a brush and start to work on my eyes. I paint the lids a bright red, and then I use eyeliner to draw a thick kohl around my lifeless eyes. The light beings to flicker as I walk to my bed and pull out my black two inches heeled boots, I slip them on and zip them up, wrapping a crimson belt around each leg. I now turn my attention to the box resting against the bed post; I push it open to reveal the two gold impenetrable bands inside. I hold one in each hand. I'm aware of the tears welling up and blink them back, slipping the bands onto each arm. The bell for one-minute rings I replace the box and rush out the room. The corridors are full of competitors waiting to be called; I rushed past feeling the nervous atmosphere around me grow as I reach the door that opens into the ring. I could hear the crowd chanting my name, but unlike the others in the crowed stands I am not scared, this is why I'm here.
"... And are raining champion 'Phoenix!'" The door opens and I walk into the mesh cage. In the middle stands my opponent 'Thorn'
No, he had helped me when I had first come here, got me to where I am. He looks at me and nods; I could now see the lines of age on his face. The 'Boss' carries on his speech "You've heard of the gladiator fights of the Roman times, but there has never been such a more blood thirsty place then here, the Roman gladiators would pale against us..." The crowd roars again "I give you the magic of the twenty-first century" The roar grows louder "Place your bets now, only one can use their magic, the other... only mortal weapons" I could hear the click of buttons being pushed. "Stop..." I hear the mutter of the people who haven't finished their bets spread throw the crowd. Boss looks to the TV screen above the crowd's heads "Ok, Thorn with the most votes, will be using magic tonight..." I just knew I would die today "And Phoenix with the least votes will get her weapons," an attractive girl dressed in a bikini walks into the now open cage holding a large box, she places it on the floor in front of me. I kneel and click it open. Inside are my two Sais's with a belt, I place the belt around my wasted and legs and my bow in a red wood and arrows with bright burning fire fight the magic of magic and the quiver of unbreakable ruby glass. I stand and the girl takes the empty box and walks away, her heels echoing in the strangely silent room, i hadn't noticed it go quiet. I place the quiver on my back, and ready myself to fight for my life once more.
If the magic which Thorn can only command were to draw my blood, the weapons and magic would switch and I would have my magic to use as I wish and him only the sword waiting outside the cage.
The Boss leaves the cage and shuts mesh door, and as the lock click into place Thorn begins his attack. I dodge and block as many of the thorn's Thorn he shots at me. I pull an arrow and the bow from my ruby glass quiver. The red wood of the bow tingles in my fingers. I fire it; my arrow's fiery flight burns steady, but as it draws closer to the target of Thorn's upper left arm a long green vine shots up to block the attack, I smile. My mentor has not given up just yet, but no, a thorn shoots at me and before I can move out of its way I feel the cold of Thorn's thorn slice my arm. I gaze pleadingly into the now dull Green eyes of my ageing friend. He tricked me... Me!
I pull away in pain as the blood flows steadily from the open wound. I cringe with the grief and sting of the thorn in my arm. The agony of the magical thorn now drives though my body, working quickly to paralyse me. The Boss's voice sounds over the hushed crowd.
"First blood has been draw by Thorn; he knew the magic advantage would have to change to his opponent. Young phoenix," he stares from Thorn to me "magic is yours." My belt and daggers are removed by a magical pull and are replaced into the box from where they came, along with the supernatural quiver of arrows and bow. I feel the tingle of magic in the floor as it returns to me. I hold the tears back. Thorn looks deep into my ocean eyes of sapphire, and mouths the words kill me across the cage which would have made me cry out, if the shock were not too great. He smiles with such warmth, as he had when he first met him me. I shake my head slowly so as not to let others see our private exchange. He just nods with an accepting happiness. A long sword slowly fades into his right hand.
So much knowledge he had passed on to his eager student, yet now all that knowledge meant was that death would become us all in time. Had he planned this for a long time? I would never know. But his eyes look so far away, and I realize he had become bored of life long ago. I move my hand into a fist and raise my arm straight out in front of me. I turn my hand over and open my hand palm up. I look at my palm and my eyes go a colour of scarlet red and fire ignites in my hand.
I move my head sharply up and look into the murky green of Thorn's once bright eyes. I tighten me fingers slightly, the fire transforms into an arrow of fire. Moving my hand so my palm faces him I push, the fire arrow fly's into the unprotected heart of Thorn. Silent tears fall rapidly from my cheek onto the floor of the cage.
A murmur spreads though the crowd of people, but I do not hear them. They understand as does everyone, someone must die.