Jordan's Point of Veiw

His voice whispered through my dreams, jerking me immediately awake as I bolted upright, staring through wide eyes at my matchbox of a bedroom, dimly illuminated the light of the steadily climbing moon. Outside, the normal sounds of bottles crashing and the faint wailing of a police car could be heard, but other than that, it was fairly still. Only the raspy sound of my breathing and the thudding of my heart seemed to bounce off the poorly papered walls, hammering into my mind and making me uneasy.

Calm down, I comforted myself, It's nothing. He is nothing. It was all just an hallucination.

Slowly, I slid back on to my bed, pulling the cover up to my face as I tried to calm my pulsating chest. I closed my eyes tightly, trying to rid myself of the dominant image of him, but he was already deeply etched in my mind, and he wouldn't go away.

This is stupid, I told myself, Just go to sleep.

Drawing in a deep breath, I turned and closed my eyes, trying to settle down enough to be comfortable and rolled right into a warm embrace.

"Miss me, wench?"

My eyes widened in shock and I momentarily froze, as his husky voice spoke, sending wisps of his cool breath tickling my neck.

Then, suddenly, out of reflex, I rolled quickly away from him, nearly falling over the side of the bed, when his hand wrapped securely around my waist.

"Still can't balance," he said, giving his trademark smirk as his mesmerizing eyes shamelessly roamed over my body and finally pierced through my eyes, enchanting me into his spell and leaving my motionless.

"Y-y-you… how are you- why are you-" I stuttered through trembling lips as he helped me up to a sitting position on my bed.

He was here, right before my eyes… again. He was able to touch me, and I definitely reacted to the slightest touch from his cool skin.

"No!" I suddenly exclaimed, slapping away his hand and denying his help as I crumpled on to the floor. The moths in my chest were now stamping, and my heart was defying all the laws of circulation, as a lump filled my throat, chocking up my words. "You're… not real, you can't be!" I shook my head feebly, "Just go away…" I sniffed loudly, "I am not crazy…"

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