Alright, wrote this for a very very good internet friend of mine, his name here being 2awesomeforyou

He's a great and cherished friend, this is a little late but I hope you like it anyway my great friend. Once I think of something even better, rest assured you'll have yet another present mi amigo.

But I do like this. It reflects a lot about how many of things in my life work. So I hope he likes it and I hope everyone else does too!

I own this work, it is dedicated to 2awesomeforyouand any of my other internet friends that have watched out for me even half as well as he has. Which is MAJOR.

Thanks for reading, don't forget to review!


Sometimes the friends you find closer to your location

Just aren't the best; they're okay and all but still yet...

You drift apart and you feel separated from them eventually.

It's not always the case

But it happens.

And its painful, its sad, and it shouldn't be true even though it is

But if you can be fortunate

To find a friend across the world of bits, bytes, and data

A friend across the world of the internet

That's when you make a truer friend

Because when all is proven to be what it is said to be

And all can be trusted

It's one of the more difficult friendships

Because expressing yourself in typed words

Where no one can know EXACTLY what was meant

Can be truly scary and sometimes hard to express and handle

But with all the patience and all the work

It all pulls through.

Truly you find a friend

Truly you build a bond

Truly you find something amazing

You can find so many people

People that are there for you

People that you can be there for

And when all is said and done

Isn't that...

...truly the greatest thing?

Everyone needs a friend in the world.

Someone to trust and stand with

To have there for them and to be there for.

Some find their best ones in person

Some find them on the internet

Some find both

I have both...

...but a greater volume are on the internet.

And I'm not ashamed.