Life is hard to understand
The reasons why you take my hand
Flowers grow and then they wilt
Maybe things could change.

But I will tell you
That we can't go back to when it all started
But maybe in time we won't want to
No one really knows any better than you or I.

When the full moon comes out
And the sun sets behind the hills
Then maybe I will see
The truth in the night which hunts my dreams.

For the sun and the moon know no bounds
They are free to go around
Yet do they become bored to the routine of life?

Why is life to futile
I look at the world only to see despair
People lie and cheat, yet no one turn to see their hatred
Blind to the real word
I only see.

Every day I see the cruelty which now blinds me
And keeps me from the light
Will I ever know the truth
Will I ever be free to do wants right.

Warm droplets trickle down my face and fall to the floor
Cold crimson dries on my wounds.

Ivy vines grow over old ruins
Dust fall on the furniture, covering all traces of life
Lyes are whispered in the wind
Screams are lost to the night.

Only the moon knows the true course of death
Only the sun knows the true course of life
Listening flowers of the solemn ground
Talking tree telling the story of how it came to pass.

The earth grows cold and bored to the tranquil life of the bigger picture
The sturdy presence of the watchful eyes of the animals
The frozen touch of those gone
The burning touch of the Devil betting for your soul.

Fire or Ice is how the world will come to an end
Yet the humans lost to the reality of it is their fault
Fire and Ice move around to change the presence of life on the land.

So that why it's hard to understand
And now you know why i can't take your hand.
Which has fallen from the heaven and died on this evil land.