Chapter 1:

Dans le moment avant que la lumière se fasse (In the time before light)

Within the snow mountain forest of Torgass, where dawn's rays have yet to touch it, a single shout rings out. Cries echo in response, by rightly disturbed birds. A single man, covered head to toe with fur clothes to fight off the angry and icy bite of the cold, is here. He bends down to find a young baby, cautiously he looks around, yet he finds no one. Not a single soul. With fear of the wolves striking in his heart, he picks up the child, and with a sigh, he picks up his furs he had dropped as well. Then with a determined mood he marches, furs, child and all back to town.

Rawnfloyd, was not a particularly known town. In fact, it was so unknown, it was not even on the King's magical map. As a result, the locals had the nice treat of being totally and utterly ignored from things such as war, taxes, and annoying carnivals. The population numbers only about 300 or so, give or take 50 hunters who sometimes become smashing drunk enough to "accidently" end up in the woods of Torgass.

Our snow covered hunter, with a sigh of relief, walks quickly to the far edge of town. Where a lone house and a nearby barn, now were fully shown in the rising morning sun. After a brief fumble with his keys, he unceremoniously drops the furs on a basket inside. He then lays the young baby on a sofa, wondering what to do.

Hours later, a hunter visits our hunter. With a rapt and loud knock in which he stirs the occupants in the house inside. Our hunter quickly leaps off the sofa and opens the door to show the rude hunter, him holding a crying baby.

The other hunter chuckles and remarks "So, finally got a kid Jack?". Jack retorts "No, I found this kid in the woods. I wasn't about to let a kid get eaten on my watch!" Thinking, our other hunter replied, "So what's your plan? You know, as I do, you would be an awful parent." Jack agrees, "True, but I was thinking of taking the kid to the inn, you know see if anyone knows the kid."

The other hunter bristles in response "Are you mad?I just came from the Inn, I saw no family wailing for people to rescue their kid nor a desperate parent asking for their kid. In fact, there were baby hunters there! If you go presenting this child to them, they will take the child off your hands gladly to help do their nefarious spells!" He further continues . "I thought you wanted to save the kid, not doom it to a fate worse than death." After the other hunter had piped down a bit, Jack lifts his head to reply "Of course I know! I mean, I have not a scant clue as to how to raise a kid. I much prefer someone else do it." The other hunter barks "Well how hard can it be?".

Next Chapter, Chapter 2: An einem kalten Wintermorgen (On a cold winter morning)