A Woman's Epitaph

I lay down my head

I wake to look back

Look back at me, but it is you I see.

Me, I see strong, full of life

Mother of three, wife beloved

Singing a lullaby to those so loved

You I see, father of three.

Husband good and strong

Love from a home spun song

Looking for the place where I belong.

Me so shy, you so vivid

Not a thing in the world can go wrong.

The passing of time can tell the tale

The morning life set sail.

I lay in bed and look out over my life and see

See the world as it was for you, for me

The life that was and will be

The branches of the tree

The waves of the sea

Sadness turned yet to glee.

I wait for you here

The glistening tear

The world unclear

Holding onto the fear

The night will come, I'll be there

Breath calm and slow

With my beloved at my side

The raging tide

From this life you will slide

Your soul shall I guide

Looking down from up above

The song on the wings of a dove

Lay down your head and breathe in one last time

Be strong

I'll be there to finish the song.