"Does he die? Please tell me he doesn't die," the little girl begged. Cassiel bit his lip because he had just about asked the exact same question and since she didn't even know he was there, he felt stupid for it.

"Don't ask just listen," Sakura replied. Cassiel leaned his head against the wall and bit harder on his lip. Who was she to tell him to not ask questions? But then again, she was not talking to him. With this realization a wave of sadness struck Cassiel and he fought the tears and memories that rushed over him. Thankfully, Sakura then continued.

"So the blade fell with lightning speed, yet it seemed to move slower than a slug. It dived ever closer to his neck and then…it stopped. The guards all stared at the blade that had frozen in midair. The sound of snapping wood filled the air. Snapping and cracking and exploding. These are the sounds the guillotine made before countless shards of wood shot across the forest, some slicing through the Sheaths in the process.

Sheaths began to dive to the ground. The one Nature loved rolled over and lay flat on his stomach. A female Sheath tried to dodge a large piece of sharp wood and was pinned to an oak tree by a sharp long piece of the guillotine. A male Sheath was trying to dodge some of the shooting debris and was tackled to the ground by a small female Sheath.

"Are you nuts? Get off me!" he demanded.

"Hey, I just saved you from getting stabbed in the back," she growled. He pushed her away, and she moved willingly only to lay flat on her stomach to dodge oncoming wooden shards.

Soon the unnatural shattering of the wood stopped and the clean blade fell to the ground without touching a single Sheath. All bodies began to rise. "Don't move!" a resonating soft soprano voice declared. Heads snapped up to see Nature in her true form. Her thigh long transparent gold and silver hair floated in the air around and behind her. Her aquamarine eyes penetrated all of their hearts and froze them in place. She let her floating transparent form touch the ground and she solidified, and transformed into the form the Sheath knew: the Dryad.

"In case you haven't come to grips with reality, I amNature. This is my name and my power." She lifted her hand and a six foot think green vine with twelve inch thorns ripped the ground apart and rotated in small circles, as if searching for someone. It lay on the ground and slithered past the mortified Sheaths. The vine touched a young male's bare foot, revealing a thin strip of blood. As the boy crumpled in pain, Nature gave a serious warning: "Do not move or the poison will spread." The boy halted his movement and felt the poison seep out of his slight gash. He sat with her permission and looked at the red and black ooze near his bare feet. The two liquids chased each other until a yin yang sign appeared, then the liquids ceased chasing and hardened into a thick red and black symbols.

The vine continued its hunt and Nature did nothing to stop it, in fact she encouraged it with short jerky movements with her fingertips. It stopped before the prince—the one she loved—and circled him. It darted to the prince with lightning speed and wrapped around him. However, the wound and poison it had infected within and instant, did not touch him. The vine carried him high above in the air with quick precision to Nature's side and lay him down before diving beneath the wounded earth and disappearing. The ground then sealed up and concealed all evidence of the vine's existence.

"You have witnessed my vine; trust me, you wish to see nothing more. Now listen, you have lived up here in these mountains as a terror to those below and beyond, but no more. You must guide those below. You must stand up and stop the destruction that is cascading throughout the valleys. "

"And why can't you do it?" the prince's father questioned, but did not rise from his hiding place.

"Because, I am not capable of stopping those so filled with hate that they are willing to kill their own sister without regret."

"Yet you stopped us!"

"Because I love the one you attempted to kill! I can do that. Look at yourselves. Look at your gifts. You put them to shame, hiding away the way you do. By letting those fighting destroy each other you are terminating me. Slaying me: literally. If anymore forest burn I'm going loose more of myself. With each part of the world damaged, I lose my memory. With each death, I feel a staggering pain in my heart and loose more power, and the sickening part is: I have become acquainted to the feeling so much, that I no longer notice when my heart is stricken. I cannot tell any longer how many have died because they are dying constantly and my pain does not cease. So far I've lost so much memory that I no longer remember the name of my sister. I have also lost half of my abilities. I can no longer speak with the water, just the earth and vines. Animals have lost their connection to me. Now, I ask that you stop the killings. Yours and theirs."

"Why should we!" The King demanded standing finally.

"Because if you don't you will never see your grandchild you son has fathered!"

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