The sound of a kiss

The sound that I miss

Guys aren't supposed to be

All corny and cheesy

But I miss you

This is true


The sound of a fight

The sound of that night

All those things that you said

Those ideas in your head

You were crazy

You hate me


The sound of a gun

The sound meant you're done

You're life ended right there

The blood smeared in your hair

Right there you died

By my side


The sound of my cell

The sound makes me dwell

Scraping cups against bars

Wanting something that's ours

Wanting to be

Let out free


The sound in my head

The sound 'cause she's dead

The voices scream at me

I wish they'd let me be

They're always there

It's not fair

Muah! Whack! Bang! Clang! Murderer!

These words, these voices, I'm going insane

But there's only four words left,

Loop, Swoop, Pull! Hang.