Go away, just go away!

Please go, you've got me begging!

Haven't you done enough already, done enough to hurt me?

You ripped my heart out!

You tore it into teeny tiny little pieces!

You threw the pieces on the ground and stomped on them!

So haven't you had enough?

You spit on my soul and bruised it beyond repair!

You showed me how weak I am and made me even weaker!

As much as I hate you, I hate myself more!

Why do you still keep your claws hooked into me like this?

You should have had enough by now.

You've hurt me more than I thought possible.

I can't even breathe when everything you say echos in my head.

I don't even WANT to breathe because of you.

Have you really not had enough yet?

Why do you torment me like this?

I am broken!

I am emotionally shattered and mentally crippled.

So why aren't you done yet?

You've practically had it all.

Why isn't it enough?

Why aren't you through with me?

Please go, I have nothing left to give to you.

You've already taken my heart, my soul, my very being.

Please, all I ask is enough space to force a breath into my lungs.

Can't you even give me that?