I wonder


How I make it

Through the day.

When I brace myself

To take the jeers

And fight the tears

As I hear...

Words of hate.

Against me.

Who I am.

What I do.

What I wear.

How I act.

I wear a mask

And put up a wall

To try

And block them out.

A fake smile

And false words

So that

When I speak

My feelings

It's always lies.

When home

I let myself free

And let my worries go.

In the form

Of hated towards them.

That's when I realize.

I could be better

Forget what they say

They're only words

Even if they cause pain.

I'm sorry I'm not

Who you want me to be,


We don't have to take this.

Those who're broken

Beaten down

Answer the call

Rise with me now.

We are who we are

You can't change that.

We'll bare our scars,

Our bruises

Our tears

To show the world...

We've been bullied

We've been hurt

But now we've nothing to hide.

We stand together

As a whole,

And when the day comes

That you see the truth

We'll be the ones

We'll be the proof.