The jewels are in my arms. I stuff them all in my backpack and head to the nearest exit of the rich lady's home.

"Stop there." someone commands me. I turn to see a boy my age. He's holding a pistol and is wearing an officer's uniform. Newbie, huh? "I might be the rookie of the force, but I caught you, Miss Masquerade. Don't try anything funny. I will shoot if I need to."

I slowly walk up to him with a smile, keeping my white mask on. This is just the time to practice my improv skills...

"I guess you did catch me," I say, standing dangerously close to him.

He looks at me in shock as I put one hand behind his neck.

"What are you doing?" he asks me in a whisper.

I lean in close to him. While he's distracted, I quickly turn on the safety on his gun with my free hand and grab his handcuffs as a bonus. My head automatically turns before anything really happens. Then I let go and walk backwards, to the door.

"Got'cha!" I say with a laugh. "My acting is great, isn't it?"

Their officers are no match for me and my great performances. To make sure I did right, I look back to see him try to fire his weapon.

"Check the safety, officer." I say, firing a finger gun at him while giving him a wink.

I'm sure he turned red for a few seconds before actually doing as I told him. So to make certain I do not get caught, I run.

"Come back here, thief!" I hear an older policeman shout, while dealing with a panicking rich lady that keeps getting in his way. "Close the gates!"

The younger officer runs out when I get closer to the closing doors. By the time I get to the gates, the doors are almost shut. I cartwheel to get through the tight squeeze. They close as I pass and I wave to the policemen.

"Bye!" I shout, while blowing them a kiss.

At a market I visit a lot, I exchange my 'prizes' to one of the two people who knows my identity. He's a middle-aged, baker, farmer, builder, and the owner of this shop. He isn't greedy, but he can take money. After all, he needs to buy supplies for things I ask for.

"I'll take the usual." I say, laying the stolen jewels onto the counter (I leave a few in my bag though).

"Like old times, the modern day Robin Hood prevails." John says. That's what most people call Miss Masquerade (a.k.a. Me). Another Robin Hood, but this time female. "You are just as the hero himself."

"John, remember this crucial fact. This girl won't be murdered like the first guy." I say with a sly smile.

He returns the smile. John places a basket with bread, cheese, fruits, and vegetables on the counter. I grin at how much stuff there is.

"Thank you. I bid you a good night." I say, laughing at the exit.

Then I run through the dark to my next stop before home.