I didn't forget to leave my back pack up there, but I needed to keep my dress on. The main reason was because I didn't want to have him notice my Miss Masquerade costume. But since that did sound awkward, I wouldn't need to anyway. It was great to know that my costume was waterproof (thanks to Myrina, she's so great!). But it was horrible that my dress wasn't…

Luckily, I knew how to open my eyes underwater. The lake looked amazing. There were plenty of different plants. Even the rocks looked cool; with all their colours and shapes. There were some air bubbles too. The biggest fish I could see was no bigger than my thumb.

As I swam deeper, I saw the sandy ground. There was a huge rock with long clear leaves sticking out. I figured that was the perfect habitat for the Sano flower. To tell you the truth, the flower doesn't actually have a name. My dad said 'sano' was a Latin (a language apparently no one speaks anymore) word that meant 'to heal'. I thought it sounded pretty, and ended up calling the flower that.

As I ran out of air, my vision had gotten noticeably darker…I would be able to see it soon. My heart beat was getting a little loud as well.

I started to see a light. If my dad lied to me, I would track him down on the other side and have a long chat with him about lying to his only daughter.

The piece of light started to move around as if it was tracing something.

Was that it?

I got closer to it and reached out with my left arm. Once I pulled it from its stem, the flower appeared.

Then my sight became so dark, I could barely see. I had better get up for air.

With my oxygen supply lowering, I tried swimming up. It didn't work because my leg was stuck. I looked down to see a long weed type of thing wrapped around my ankle. I yanked my leg upwards, but it didn't budge. Unfortunately, the last thing I do is look up to see the sunlight beaming down onto the water.

I was alive? That was a little surprising. I couldn't be dead, I could hear my breathing.

My eyes opened. I blinked a few times before slowly sitting up. To my left are the lake and a stringy red flower (so that's a Sano flower?). I grabbed it and now know it felt silky and smooth.

Then I looked down to see a nice shirt laid on me. It was dry compared to my clothes. Wait…who's shirt was this?!

I turned forward to see a slightly soaked guy sleeping on the ground a few meters away with his arm in the water (huh? Where's his shirt?). My eyes widened when I started to realize something horrifying.

"GAH!" I screamed, as I threw the shirt back to him. "PRINCEY GERMS!"

He was probably startled since he slightly jumped. During all that, I very quickly jumped into the lake and swam a few more meters away.

"What's wrong with you?!" I shouted.

"Nothing!" he countered. "You're the one who jumped back into the place you almost drowned in!"

I looked down and see he was right. But really, I didn't mind being in here than up there near him. A part of me didn't want me to let him know he was correct (because being wrong…is so wrong)…I needed to move on fast.

"I got the cure!" I said randomly, throwing up the hand with the Sano flower.

Tsaro gave me a strange look as my swimming takes me in front of him. I took a look at his burn. It reached past his elbow and looked like the red flame pattern on the fire cracker's wings.

That's not good...

"Why did you take your arm out?" I scolded. "You knew you weren't supposed to do that!"

Hmmm…Did dad say it was to ingest or to hold the petals onto the injury? Might as well do both. It may not be safe, but who cares? Princey's the patient.

"I needed to-" he said, before I stuffed a few petals in his mouth.

He started to silently chew and swallow them. I wished he was always that quiet.

I got out of the water, using my extra bandages from my backpack to secure the petals.

Then I sat behind a tree, and made Tsaro sit in front of the lake in case the Sano flower didn't cure the burn. Our backs were turned, but even when I couldn't see him, he was annoying to be with.

The reason why I'm sitting here is because while my dress dries, I'll be wearing my costume (I still can't let that guy know I'm Miss Masquerade, right?). I found this a bit awkward because Tsaro probably thought that I'm...umm...not fully dressed.

"I needed to save you from drowning," he said to finish what he tried to say before. "You didn't come up and I really didn't want to be responsible for killing you."

If he didn't want to kill me, I wondered what he would say if he ever found out I was Miss Masquerade. I started to laugh because I can imagine his head explode, trying to figure out what to do.

"What?" he asked, while turning my way.

"Don't turn around!" I yelled. Fortunately, he does as he was told (good Princey!). I answered him, once became calm. "It's nothing."

We left it as an awkward silence for some time before he decided to talk again.

"So…" he said. "This was bugging me for a while. At the time when you were fighting wolves, you did a flip. When did you learn that?"

I slapped my head. Ugh…What should I say? I learned to after finding out I had super powers or something? That really wouldn't be a good answer.

"Umm…" I say. "When I found out Miss Masquerade could?" That would work! Good one, Diana! "Yeah!" I had shut my mouth after. Then I uncovered it to finish. "I practiced a lot."

"And you have knives too?" he asked.

"Yeah…" I said, then I decided on a solution, on the spot. "Because my twin brother thinks a taser and pepper spray won't be enough."

My acting should've really had an applause for that one.

"Wow," he sayid. "Remind me to never meet your brother. He seems…careful."

I laughed hysterically since it was true. My sibling was too careful, but only when it came to me.

"What's his name?" Tsaro asked (nosy much?).

"Apollo," I said. Princey started to crack up. "Yeah, I know…Apollo and Diana; my parents are very 'creative' with names."

When he stopped laughing, I was deep in thought about how Apollo and everyone else were doing. I shook my head when I hear Tsaro speak (I didn't want to be rude...yet).

"I don't have anyone in my family except for my dad," Tsaro told me, stiffly. "Actually he isn't even my dad. My mom was his sister and she passed away when I was five. So, he decided to take me in as his own son. I got used to calling him my dad and you know what? I don't even want to be Prince. I really hate it."

I whipped my head back. "Are you kidding?" I kind of shouted. "You should be grateful! To be born in your position means you get everything!"

"Which also means I get more responsibility," Tsaro said. "I'm supposed to help the public, which I tried, but it's never enough...If I make one mistake, everyone would end up hating me, or even start some rebellion. I need to be a good role model, but I'm not perfect (I know right); no one is (but I'm the closest anyone can get!). Then there's Miss Masquerade making my life even worse, by getting me into trouble for her stupid pride! The people are probably now against me because of the crown…it's just too much pressure…"

I made a tight fist. I really wished he would shut up.

"You don't know—" he started.

I slipped on my still slightly wet dress and pushed him into the lake. He turned to me after floating to the surface.

"What was that for?!" he shouted (you deserve it, jerk-face!).

"To cool down the hot-blood and the giant air-head of yours!" I snapped, while leaving out some other words I could've added. "Don't be so selfish! You may be going through all that but everyone else has it worse than you. You might've helped a few homeless people, but there are much more problems than that! There's pollution everywhere, affecting all the animals around us...Illnesses that can't be cured easily because people can't afford a doctor, which you can get in a snap of your fingers! And while juggling all that, they have a responsibility to feed their families. I don't know a single person who isn't tired of having the money they worked hard for taken away because of stupid taxes!"

Then I noticed I may have gone a little over board because now Princey lookd as if he was gonna yell some unkind things at me.

My expression softened. "Tsaro, just relax. Don't over-think things," I said, putting my feet in the water. "Float instead of swim. Forget about your duties (haha, I said duties). Your mind will clear up more."

What am I? A wise old man? That won't do…

He was about to say something, so I interrupted him. "I won't let you back on land until you relax, Princey!" I yelled. "So get to it!"

Forcing relaxation…that's a first.

When it got to nightfall, I called out to the guy that might've been sleeping on top of the water.

"If you stay in there any longer you'll turn into a prune!" I said.

Wait…he might get sick too. I'm NOT helping an ill jerk (wait, why am I helping him?!)!

"TSARO!" I yelled. "Get over here this instant!"

"Coming, MOM!" he shouted with a laugh (he did not just call me mom, did he?!).

A couple of hours went by. Tsaro was dry now, and it was dark.

"Is there anything else you want, mother?" he asked, before drinking some water from a bottle.

Okay, if he was going to mess with me, I'll freak him out with my awesomeness.

I took a blanket from Tsaro's supplies and chucked the thing at his chest. "Go to bed." I commanded. "Or you're grounded F-O-R-E-V-E-R!"

He did a spit take. I was so glad I moved before that hit me.

"But—" he started.

"Go!" I said, then grinned evilly while grabbing the bag of supplies. "Since you won't listen to me, I guess I could just leave…" I whispered my next words. "with every-thing."

"Okay, okay!" he said, as he dropped to the floor with his blanket.

It was too bad he couldn't see the joy that was evident on my face. I loved ordering around people I disliked.

I left to a different tree when he said something. "Mom, can you sing me a song before I sleep?" he asked.

"No," I answered. "Go to sleep."

"But I won't be able to sleep without a song," he complained.

"Well, tough love,"

"I'll keep bothering you until you do,"

Does he not realize I could hear him laughing?

"Okay," I said as I closed my eyes on the tree I chose for tonight.

A silence went by...

"MOM!" Tsaro shouted. "I can't sleep! I want a song! You need to sing for me!"

All that went on for ten-long-minutes and I got so annoyed, I shouted, "Fine!"

As a child and himself, he was such a spoiled brat.

My forced smile started to twitch as I walked over there. I sang as bored and annoyed as I really was:

"Go to sleep, go to sleep, my little prince. You're my darling…"

"You need more feeling,"

Ugh…Idea! I could do something else…he did say 'a song before I sleep,' not a lullaby.

Time for the plan to take its course. I started to sing angelically:

"When you need me, I'll stay with you.

I'll make you feel safe and sound if you ask me to."

Close up, he looked like he was about to sleep. {Evil laugh} Now for some fun!

"But if you disobey me, you're about to see…"

"Uh, Diana,"

"A spine-chiller, a shocker, or a fright from a real killer…"

"You're freaking me out—"

"No one will help you, from the nightmares that will be.

If you start to scream, I'll just be laughing there…

So be good, and go to sleep, my little prince…my darling…"

I ended the song with an evil laugh and crawled off to take out a flashlight from the supplies bag.

"Diana?" Tsaro said in panic, while I walked back. "Are you there?"

I turned on the flash light. "Boo!"

He did one of those low guy screams. So: "AH!"

I laughed 'til my lungs hurt. Then I heard rustling, "Tsaro? Did you hear that?" I asked.