Sophie sniffled as she sat in front of the black television screen. She felt miserable. She never thought that it would be easy, but no one had told her the after effects of a break up would include so many tears.

"Vanilla? Or chocolate?" a voice came from the kitchen. Elliot, her best friend had been there comforting her for the past three hours. Sophie was grateful to have a friend like him, he had been there for her since they were mere kindergarteners. Elliot returned with a tub of vanilla ice cream and two spoons. He tried to look understanding and supportive, but Sophie knew that deep down, he couldn't wait to punch Joseph. Joseph, her ex-boyfriend.

She had heard the rumors, but she was naïve and innocent, the idea of her perfect, dashing, loving football captain cheating never occurred to her, until she caught them herself. She had forgotten her chemistry notes and went back to get them. It was after school hours, but Joseph had football practice and he would take her home after. Imagine her surprise when she walked in on two semi-naked people having a steamy session with each other. Imagine her surprise when she found her boyfriend staring right back at her. The worst part, he just stared at her, like she was invading their space, like how he was not cheating. Sophie had calmly taken her notes, calmly called the only person she knew she could call and calmly waited outside the school for her ride. However, once inside, she broke down and cried.

"Come on princess, open up, ahhh" Elliot was holding up the spoon full of ice cream, and shoved it in her mouth when she did.

Elliot had warned her, about the ways Joseph was known for. Sophie reassured him that she wouldn't get hurt, despite all his warnings. He had been right after all. Elliot had been very nice about it, never rubbing it in her that he was right. He just sat and hugged her while she cried, listened while she rambled on about how foolish she was.

"Which cliché chick flick should we watch today princess?" Elliot asked. He held up a walk to remember and titanic among others. Sophie got up and chose a horror movie. Sophie hated horror movies, but on this night, it didn't seem like such a bad idea.

"I guess my little princess is all grown up now!" Elliot said dramatically while wiping away fake tears from the corners of his eyes. Sophie couldn't help but laugh. She was going to regret this. She was right, after a full two hours of hiding behind Elliot and screaming, she was in a state of distress.

"Are you sure you got all the locks?" Sophie asked for the third time. "Yes princess, every lock had been sealed and bolted." Sophie had sent Elliot to check the locks and make sure no serial killer was hiding under her bed.

She slid fearfully under the covers as Elliot carefully tucked her into bed and planted a light kiss on her forehead. "Sleep tight princess." Sophie muttered something in response and Elliot closed the door gently, leaving only the light lamp on by her bedside.

Sophie woke up the next morning to the smell of bacon. She made her way downstairs to the kitchen to find Elliot cooking breakfast. He had made all her favorites, pancakes, bacon, and even bought her her favorite baked potatoes from Roberto's.

"Morning princess!" chirped Elliot. "Eat up."

"Stop calling me princess." Sophie shot him a glare. She found the childhood nickname he had given her absolutely embarrassing.

"Don't give me that attitude young lady or no dessert for you," Elliot said, with much sternness in his attempt at a British accent.

Sophie gave him a half pout and dug into her pancakes. They were stacked in a neat little pile and soaked with maple syrup. Elliot decided to spoil her with strawberries and a scoop of ice cream too.

"Any news when David and Emily will be back?" Sophie shook her head. Her parents were rarely at home. They were always attending formal meetings and gala's somewhere. Except for the maids and gardeners that came in a few hours every day, Sophie had the big tastefully furnished house all to herself most of the time. Elliot would come around and keep her company sometimes.

"Come on, you'll be late for school princess," Sophie scowled at Elliot for reminding her, she was dreading the fact that she had to go to school and face the judging, gossiping crowd at St. Jude's.

St Jude was an old building, so old you could see the vines creeping across the faded brick walls. Sophie changed into her St Jude's uniform, crisp white shirt and pleated black skirt. She pulled on the Navy sweater too because it was cold outside. If it was any consolation, she would be graduating after the next exam, being a senior. She couldn't say she was sad to leave, with all that's happened. The people at St Jude's were never sincerely nice to her, they just did it because she was Sophie Knight, youngest daughter of the founder of the Knight Organization, one of the biggest, most powerful companies in the world. And she was the sister of a former student at St Jude's, Liam Knight. He was the shinning pride of St Jude's before he left. Girls wanted him, guy's wanted to be like him, and the school never wanted him to leave, with his good grades and excellent sports record. He got into Yale, and met Alexis, a nice girl Sophie liked. Even with the five year gap, the siblings were close.

Sophie took her backpack and went into the black Aston Martin that was waiting for her. Elliot called her Estella, the black beauty. He got it for his birthday from his parents last year. It has been his pride and joy ever since. "Ready to slay dragons' princess?"

Sophie gave him a pouty frown. Elliot laughed and pecked her on the cheek. "Sophie Knight, you have me, no matter what happens, now buckle up." And he accelerated, to school.

Elliot leaned against his car, waiting for Sophie to come out. He felt as anxious as she did. His little childhood friend was so fragile he was afraid she was going to shatter. He felt the anger boiling through his veins once more when he remembered the reason why. He was definitely going to give Joseph a piece of his mind when he had the chance. But St Jude had no tolerance for violence, and he didn't want to get expelled. What would Sophie do if he wasn't there to protect her from the vicious claws of the student body? He was relieved to see Sophie finally come out of the car. He removed all previous thoughts to kill Joseph and extended his arm to her with a wide grin. Sophie took it hesitantly, and they entered through the big wooden doors of St Jude.

Elliot felt Sophie's grip tightened around his arm. As expected, the news had spread. They received a lot of sideways looks. He patted Sophie's hand with his other hand, reassuring her of her fears. He felt her release a breath of relief when they reached her locker.

"I can't do this Elliot," her voice was shaky, he gave a hug "Of course you can, I'll be right next to you," He let her go and wiped away the tears that were slowly forming in her eyes.

The first day passed rather uneventful, and Sophie was thankful. Elliot had been right after all. Although she saw Joseph on her way to calculus and it was really awkward when he saw her too. Luckily, Elliot had been there to drag her to class. Not before giving Joseph a deadly glare. What Sophie thought was a curse last time turned out to be a blessing. Not having any classes with Joseph made things a whole lot easier.

The hype about their break up was soon over and forgotten with, with the Winter Formal coming up. A few months earlier, Sophie would have been dreaming about dancing with Joseph, and spending a wonderful night with the person she loved, a perfect night to end the school year.

Sophie was lost in thought when the doorbell rang; she rushed to get it, hoping it was Elliot. She was disappointed that it was just the mail man. Elliot had been acting weird for the past few weeks, after they had their outfits fitted at the tailors. She couldn't forget that look he gave her when she came out of the dressing room, in her white strapless gown; it was simple and elegant, nothing too over the top. It was a look she didn't recognize. Since then, he had been around the house less and less. Sophie wondered if there was something wrong.

Sophie decided to pay him a visit to check up on him. The 20 minute walk was rather cold and not very pleasant. She arrived at his house to find only Jessica, his older sister.

"Elliot should be back soon, he just took Amelia to the store to get some cereal" Jessica explained. Jessica, Elliot and Amelia all had similar features, intense brown eyes, golden brown locks to compliment. "What has he done to earn this visit?" Jessica's eyes sparkled, she always liked to see her little brother get into trouble.

"Oh nothing actually," Sophie fiddled with her hair "It's just that I thought he might have some trouble,"

"What kind of trouble?"

"I don't know I feel that he's avoiding me. So, I was thinking that maybe something was up," Sophie rubbed her temples, thinking hard "Did I do something to upset him?"

"Oh I think that's hardly the case darling," Jessica smiled, a smile that hid something, the way her eyes twinkled. "Did you like the dress?"

"Oh yes, very much. It's beautiful, you're really good at what you do!" Jessica was a budding designer, and suggested Sophie wear her dress to the formal.

"You're such a sweetheart! Would you like some strawberry tarts? I think a storms brewing though, look at the sky." Jessica looked out the window at the darkening clouds forming in the sky. "I hope Elliot brings Amelia back soon, she'll catch a cold if she gets caught in the rain."

"I must be going too, wouldn't be caught in the rain. Thank you again, for the dress."

Jessica smiled, she watched from the porch as Sophie made her way down carefully down the slight slope. Jessica knew the exact reason for her brother's strange behavior. It all started a few weeks ago. Elliot and Sophie had decided to go to formal together, giving Jessica an excuse to try on some of her new designs. She could hardly forget the expression her brother wore when Sophie stepped out of the dressing room. The mixed emotions appeared on his face so quickly, she was lucky she even saw it. Jessica had enough experience in life to know what that look meant. In fact, she so often saw that look on her fiancé that she was certain that her brother was in love. Jessica never confronted Elliot about her discovery, but his symptoms were pretty obvious. He was distracted, all the time, and the slightest mention of Sophie during dinner would turn him into stuttering idiot. Jessica sighed; her brother was such a loser sometimes. She looked worriedly at the rain. It was beating down hard and she should've given Sophie an umbrella.

"Ames, close the window, it's raining." Elliot said, annoyed at his little sister. Sure, she was cute, but most of the time she made it her mission to annoy him. Amelia stared out the window, counting the number of raindrops formed. Elliot tried to concentrate on the music than his sister's loud voice.

"Soooooooooppppppphhhiiiiieee eeeeee!" Elliot nearly jumped from his seat when his sister shouted so suddenly. It being Sophie's name didn't help either. He had been so on edge for the past weeks, the mere mention of her name made his heart do weird things.

"Amelia, how many times have I told you not the shout while I'm driving?" Elliot scolded his little sister, but she was thumping her little fists at the window, looking backwards. "Amelia, sit properly, it's dangerous! And stop hitting the window." He had no time to deal with his sisters nonsense now.

"Sophiee!" wailed Amelia. Elliot sighed. He was at his limit. "AMELIA," He screamed. She watched him silently and accusingly, and started to cry. Elliot had no choice but to pull over and comfort her. But all she would say was Sophie's name. Well, he could only make out Sophie's name, the rest of it was jumble with her tears and sniffs. Finally, the young Hollis couldn't take it anymore. She opened the door and ran.

Sophie was freezing. It was early December, and rain was pouring down her back. She regretted not wearing a windbreaker or having an umbrella of some sorts to shield her from the harsh elements of Mother Nature. It didn't help that she slipped and her ankle hurt. Perhaps it was sprained, she thought. She had carelessly forgot to bring her phone and could call no one to come rescue her while she sat miserably on the cold ground.

Sophie heard someone calling her name. Great she thought, now I'm getting delusional, just great. Sophie realized it wasn't a delusion when she saw a tiny girl splashing through the puddles with a man following behind her.

Amelia. Sophie smiled, she'd recognize her anywhere. Amelia squatted down in front of her, wet. "Sophieee!" Amelia gave her a big hug, and cried. Sophie winced at the pain when Amelia added weight to it. "Ames, calm down" Sophie patted the poor weeping girl.

"Sophie, god, what are you doing here?" Sophie looked up at Elliot, he was worried. "I sprained my ankle," Almost immediately, Elliot pulled little Amelia off her and started inspecting her ankle. Sophie whimpered at the touch. "Sorry," Elliots brows creased with worry "Shit Sophs, you're freezing."

"I know," Sophie tried to be optimistic, but the cold was terrible, and she wasn't dressed for the occation. "Elliot, Amelia's going to catch a cold," Elliot seemed to suddenly realize they were all standing in the rain. "Ok hold on, I'll bring the car,"

Jessica brought out three steaming hot mugs of hot chocolate to the table. Sophie and Amelia sat, cuddled in a blanket after a warm bath together.

"Thank you," said Sophie as she took the mug from the table. She was a bit embarrassed to come back in such a state, but Jessica was very welcoming and fussed over her and Amelia like a mother. Elliot came in with a first aid kit and some ice.

"It's a slight sprain, but don't put too much pressure on it ok," instructed Elliot. Sophie watched him as he carefully wrapped up her swollen ankle. "Thanks,"

"Thank Amelia, she was the one who saw you," Amelia smiled, proud and smug. Sophie spent the rest of the night with Amelia on the couch, listening to the little girl's fantasies and stories. Jessica had been so kind as to invite her to stay till the next morning.

Elliot watched silently from the kitchen at his sister and Sophie, talking and laughing happily. He didn't notice Jessica stand right next to him until she spoke.

"They get along so well," she said, startling him. "Yeah," He was still pretty shaken up, he couldn't imagine what would happen if Amelia hadn't seen her.

"You like her," Jessica said, softly. Elliot his sister in the eye, they were so gentle, so encouraging, so understanding. "Yeah," The word came out shakily, scared even. He wasn't sure what to do now that he finally confirmed what had been lingering at the back of his brain for so long. Jessica gave him a long hug.

Sophie stared at the mirror. Her white dress has had some alterations, and fitted her body so perfectly she found it hard to believe. Jessica was definitely going to be famous one day.

"You ready yet? My idiot of a brother is here," Jessica shouted from downstairs. Jessica had picked Sophie up from her house that morning, saying that she wanted to help with hair and make-up. Sophie wasn't expecting a full on SPA treatment, but Jessica was pretty insistent, and Sophie couldn't say no. Amelia was in for the ride too. So, the entire day was spent with the Hollis sisters. Elliot had been forced to stay away from the house by a very fierce six year old with a pink umbrella in hand, ready to hit him if he stepped foot inside. Amelia was very pleased with herself.

Sophie twirled around again in her nude heels. Her ankle had healed completely, granting Jessica to pick up a pair of heels, much to Sophie's despair. She had little experience with heels, and feared that she might end up flat in the face in mud. Jessica laughed and assured her that Elliot would prevent that from happening.

Sophie carefully made her way down the stairs, afraid that she might trip, or worst, ruin the dress. Amelia and Jessica squealed in delight when she finally appeared in the room. Elliot smiled and exaggeratedly put out his arm, bowed and said "your carriage awaits, princess," Sophie couldn't help but laugh. Elliot had been less weird around her after the ankle incident. However, she caught his staring a few times. She tried to brush it off but it was the intensity in his eyes and the breathless feeling she that made it hard to ignore.

"Pose for the camera you two," Jessica had been snapping pictures the whole day. Elliot and Sophie stood awkwardly besides each other. "Oh come on," Jessica rolled her eyes. "Ells, put your arm around her, and Sophie, as pretty as you look, you look like a tree in a play," Elliot and Sophie laughed and gave her the poses she wanted. After Jessica was satisfied, and a few pictures with Amelia, they headed off to the Winter Formal.

When they arrived on scene, there was already a big crowd. Sophie was amazed by the decoration the organizing committee had made. The ballroom at St Jude's was decorated lavishly with white lights, sticking to the white Christmas theme. That moment, Sophie thought that high school wasn't too bad after all.

"May I request a dance with the lovely princess?" Elliot held out his hand, eyes sparkling very mischievously in the light. Sophie thought that he looked very dashing that day. His hair was brushed upwards, off from his face and he fitted very well into his tuxedo. Inside, he wore an emerald shirt. The color matched the corsage he gave her earlier. Sophie giggled as she placed her hand in his, and he pulled her to the dance floor. They spent the whole night, laughing in their own little world.

For the final song, the DJ put on a slow love song. Sophie looked awkwardly around her, at all the couples dancing intimately with each other. She wondered what to do. She was a little startled when Elliot put his hands around her waist. In fact, she felt a little giddy. Her stomach was doing weird things as she stared straight into his brown eyes. He smiled at her as she looped her hands around his neck. She felt relieved that she wore heels, or the height difference would've made it hard to dance properly.

Suddenly, he stopped. Sophie looked up towards him "What?"

"Look up Sophie," Elliot said it so gently, and next to her ear too, it sent shivers down her spine. She looked up, and saw the mistletoe. She looked back at Elliot, who gently lifted up her chin, and kissed her. The kiss was so soft, so gently yet so full of passion, and Sophie finally got it. Right there, she understood why she had felt so attracted toward Elliot, why he was the first person she shared her joys with why she felt so breathless around him recently. He pulled away gently, smiling because she responded the same way and that she was blushing so hard.

She was flustered to have him look at her that way and buried her face into his chest. He couldn't help but tease her a little bit more. "I love you Sophie Knight," he whispered in her ear, his lips brushing against her jaw as he pulled away. Sophie jumped at the touch. Elliot laughed, he was enjoying this.

It was soft, but he heard it "I love you too Elliot Hollis." He couldn't help himself but steal another kiss from the lips of his beloved princess.

Sophie stood next to Amelia, who was very excited. Everyone had settled in nicely. And the organ started to play. Right across, the room, her eyes met Elliot's. She couldn't help but smile at her boyfriend. They had been together for four years now. They had enrolled into the same college, but different courses. She took a literature course while he took one in medicine. The crowd turned backwards to see the bride, beautiful along sides her proud father, walking down the aisle. Jessica Hollis had a peaceful smile on her face when her father handed her hand over to her soon to be husband, Jaden. Both families were teary eyed as the priest announced them to be husband and wife.

Sophie was embarrassed when she caught the wedding bouquet. Amelia happily took it when she gave the bundle of fresh daisies to the little ten year old. She was turning out to be quite a beauty. Sophie laughed when she thought about how Elliot would have a hard time fending off the boys that came knocking on their door.

"What's so funny?" Elliot wrapped his arms around her and gave a twirl. "Nothing really," She smiled as he planted a kiss on her lips.

"I heard you caught the bouquet," he raised his eyebrows at her, questioningly. Sophie blushed "That's just…" She couldn't finish. "I gave it to Ames,"

"And you expect her to be married next?" Elliot exclaimed. Sophie punched him "Just because she has the bouquet doesn't mean she'll get married next,"

"Oh, that's sad, I thought finally we could have the house to ourselves, you know, with her gone, we don't have to lock the doors when we're-"he laughed when he saw the redness of Sophie's face.

Sophie glared accusingly at him. "You're enjoying this,"

"Of course I am, I think it's very cute how you always blush when we're going to-" He eyes twinkled with mischief when Sophie clamped her hand over his mouth to prevent him from saying anything. She removed her hand almost instantly when he licked it. "We're at your sister's wedding,"

"All the more tempting," Elliot licked his lips. He pulled her towards him. She was so petite, and beautiful. He couldn't wait to make her his. "Come," He pulled her. "Wait, where are we going?" Sophie shouted. The guest turned to look, but only one knew what was going to happen.

"Elliot! You'll ruin my dress, slow down. My feet hurt!" Sophie shouted. But he had no intentions to. He stopped when they arrived at the garden behind the hotel. It was decorated with balloons, and flowers.

Sophie was breathless, she couldn't think of a reason why he had made her run in her heels. She still wasn't used to them.

"Sophie Knight."

Elliot startled her when he stood in front of her with a balloon in his hand.

"Sophie Knight, You are the best thing that has and will happen in my life. Words cannot express how much I love you, how you understand me on a level not even I, myself understand. No amount of time with you would be enough, but let I'll start with forever," Sophie gasped as she understood what he was doing. Elliot knelt on the floor, and took out a velvety red container from his pocket. He opened it to reveal a silver ring with a single diamond crafted inside it "Sophie Knight, will you be willing spend eternity with me, as my wife?"

Sophie wrapped her arms around Elliot and he spun her around. "Yes, my answer is yes!" Sophie whispered in his ears. Smiling and breathless, Elliot put the ring on Sophie's ring finger. Applauses erupted behind them. Sophie saw Jessica and the Hollis's laughing happily, with the rest of her family.

"I'm so proud of you Ellie," Jessica hugged her brother affectionately. Sophie's parents had tears in their eyes and her brother was messing up her hair with praise. Amelia, bobbing up and down was elated that Sophie was going to be her family now. Sophie shrieked when Elliot picked her up from the ground and headed off, away from the family that was already busy with dates.

"Elliot!" Sophie squealed, "Let me down," He just laughed and carried on until he reached his car.

"Where are you taking me," Sophie smiled. She was happy.

"I'm taking you to the castle princess,"

"Don't be silly,"

"I take offence that you find me silly," Elliot pouted.

"Alright then, where is this castle you speak of?"

"It's a place where there will be no Amelia to interrupt me," Elliot ushered Sophie into the car.

Sophie woke up to the smell of bacon. She smiled, knowing the Elliot was making her breakfast again. She couldn't help but blush at the diamond ring staring back at her. It seemed so surreal that Elliot proposed. She had to get used to the idea of being someone's fiancé.

Elliot was delighted to see Sophie across the table enjoying her pancakes, blissfully unaware that being in his shirt was such a turn on. The night before had been an absolute ride, he had to control himself not to push it. He knew Sophie was saving it until they were truly married, and he respected her wishes. It was just another thing that made him love her so much more. But he didn't say it was easy. It felt so right, being with her. He couldn't wait to marry her, the girl across the table. He couldn't wait to be hers, and she his.