#1 History

The place was bustling. People crowding, shouting, eating, laughing, cheering and jeering. Some fights were taking place on the backyard. As people were noisy in there, there were also some who were extremely quiet and only observed the situation. There were a variety of personalities. There were some crows too, who acted like normal humans. Actually they were humans in the form of crows. This bizarre place was called- Moonshade's Cafe.

Moonshade's Cafe was founded by Vanity Baroness. Soon this place became a renowned place to hang out. At first there were customers who came, ate, paid and left. Then there were customers who became regulars. Soon it became a place where people came to chill out, hang out, and have fun. For these people, having fun meant fighting and being rowdy.

Among regular customers there were Shi No Akumu, Porcelain Pot, Sanguinarian Lion, Alex Marcer, Sam the Reaper, Double Catrin, Razenshia, Taesung and many more. They all became very familiar with each other. They hung out almost every day.