#8 All Is Over

Then next day goes even more boring. Catrin's back and she's ignoring Neo. There's now no reason for Neo to be here. This place is getting way to boring for her.
That day she overheard Sam and Cat's conversation about her. Catrin was trying to convince him that she knew nothing of Neo's scheme, which is true.
"She's so stubborn that she won't apologize to you even after I asked her."
Sam said, "I believe you. And I'm not mad at you."
Catrin sighed, "She's in my ignore list until she apologizes to you."
"It's okay."
Then they changed the topic.
Neo now has something to think about.

In the afternoon, Sam comes out of the cafe and finds Neo waiting for him. While he stares in surprise, she throws the words at him.
"Look, Reaper, I never had anything against you. It's you who mistook me for a guy and thought I was flirting with Cat. If you had looked closer you'd have realized that I'm a girl. If you hadn't attacked me like that, I'd never have plotted this whole thing. Cat only knew that I was gonna pretend to flirt with her to make you jealous, to see if you actually love her or not. She had no hand in fooling you, so don't bug her about it. She is...maybe was, my friend and I like her. We both love to draw, which brought us together. I never want to hurt her. But I'm not gonna apologize to you whatsoever. Hell, where does soman-beating come here? It has no point."

Neo comes to a stop abruptly. Then she looks away and says, "This place has grown much too boring for me. I'm not gonna come back here so there's no need for you to be ashamed as a 'woman-beater', which is nonsense, or bother Cat about it."

Neo walks away without looking back. She has had enough amusing memories in here. And she really never comes back.

Moonshade's Cafe remains as it was, always rowdy and full of life.