AN : Yay for another passage for my English lesson! This is my best struggle to write a story…romantically. I hope you like it. Again with no real title but I decided to put "My Love" as the title for now.

Every time I hear people talking about the latest headphones, the only thing that appears in my mind is the smiling face of my boyfriend. His midnight black hair always stand out of the busy twinkling streetlights below the crescent moon. I always remembered he would excitedly talk about the hottest model of earphones at the store every quarter nanosecond in a calm demeanor, with one of his hand resting above my shoulder, and guiding me through the urban jungle. If I manage to rest my head against his shoulder, I could hear his headphones singing different kind of songs just for the two of us. Even the winter of life couldn't pester the peacefulness of the spring of our life.

AN : And there we go. Dunno if it sounds romantic enough or not :l Kindly leave a review so I know does it sound romantic or not. That's all for now. I bid you all adieu~