He looked up at me through his sad puppy dog eyes. He begged me to take him with me. I loved him with all my heart but a part of me told me not to, this time.

I patted his small little head and got in the car. As I drove off, I saw him wave a sad goodbye and go into the house.

A little down the street, at a stoplight, I checked my mirrors. At the green light I proceeded. I was in the middle of the intersection when I saw a pair of headlights heading straight for my car. I tried to brake and swerve out of the way, but it was too late.

An explosion of pain erupted in my head as I was hit with shards of glass from my window. My arm was stuck underneath a piece of metal. There was blood everywhere. I could hear sirens coming down the street. I felt someone open my door and drag me out saying that everything was going to be okay...but I knew it wouldn't.

My vision started to blur. And the voices so close to me seemed so far away. My limbs went numb. I started to lose consciousness until I heard the familiar voice of my husband. He held my hand and I tried to smile but I was too weak.

"Goodbye, James." He started crying against my hand held in his. I felt warm liquid glide smoothly down my cut cheeks as well. He kissed my hand and sobbed.

The last thing I remember seeing, is my five-year-old son waving a sad goodbye.