Chapter 1

The planes of Flight 19 were a group of training planes that were TBM Avenger bombers. They had a specific path that would lead them straight through the Bermuda triangle. And little did they know, that they would never fly out of there again. \

The planes of Flight 19 soared through the air. They flew through the air in such a grace that was so pristine that they looked like they were dancing in the wind. The TBM Avenger bombers were lined in the V formation as they descended through the sky. The group was magnificent to watch. They were headed towards the Atlantic ocean near the coast of Florida. They flew quickly as they met a sight that made them fear what was up a head.

There were dark grey swirls of clouds in the sky and a sort of tornado buried in the ocean sucking up everything around it and dragging in objects such as the planes of Flight 19. The commanding pilot of the training flight was yelling out orders to turn around. It was a futile attempt because of all the static that had covered the intercom. The planes drew closer and closer. Most of the pilots had bailed out in an attempt to escape but they never did. They were sucked into the spinning tunnel of water coming from the middle of the Bermuda Triangle.

A man in about his twenties jumped out of his plane right before it was sucked in the "tunnel of doom" The tunnel was a tall water tornado that spun clockwise. It had about a three mile radius and it reached from the seafloor to the clouds. The rushing of the water made it impossible for the man to hear anything else. He could see his fellow pilots scream in silent agony as they were ripped apart by the debris of their own planes. He cringed as he felt something slide across his chest. It was part of a plane wing. The man felt a pain in his chest as he felt the loss of his fellow crew. He then saw the blood and realized it wasn't just the pain of loss, but of being almost sliced in half. He has to get to safety or he will definitely not make it. He felt the current pull him towards the tornado. He said his prayer to god and waited for the pain and darkness to consume him but what he saw instead relieved him beyond belief.

The tornado was lifting back up into the sky. The tail was barely brushing the ocean's surface and by the time he was dragged to the center, it was already halfway up the atmosphere back to where ever that devil tornado came from.

The man sat there in the floating debris with blood oozing out of his fresh wound. He winced in pain as he climbed onto a piece of floating debris big enough to hold him. He looked around for any survivors.

He saw movement on his right so he got back into the water and swam to find a man with blonde hair and bright blue eyes that looked only a little bit older than him. The man was covered in blood and coughing but thank god he was alive. The men climbed onto the floating piece of debris and exchanged looks that basically said "What-the-hell-just-happened?" The man that was just rescued said, "As captain, I- ugh…" he winced as the pain in his body increased when he tried to breathe. He couldn't speak anymore; barely move. The captain's eyes started to droop shut and the man grabbed his collar and started to desperately say, "Captain Parker! Captain Parker! Come on! We can make it! Just stay with me!"

Captain Parker awoke for a split second and whispered one last word to him before he fell limp and died like the rest of the crew, "Luke…"

Luke then cried until he passed out on the debris from his wound.