It is a dark, cold and stormy night. Each and every crew of the ship is standing on the deck. They are very scared and are eagerly looking at the sky and the sea. The captain is standing beside the owner of the ship. He speaks up,

"I told you sir. Coming to here is very dangerous. Now that we've come, we have to wait for doom; that's written on our fate."

The owner named Steven Henric seems to be quite upset, angry and scared. Looking at the spooky glow of the dreary moon he says,

"I'm sorry for dragging you into this. This full moon night, I think it's the night for which the creatures have been waiting for."[/I]

Suddenly a scream is heard. The sailor on the crows' nest is shouting while looking through his binocular. He is telling that the creatures are coming. He is coming down from the mast by jumping on the ropes.

"They're coming, our doom is coming. The spirit of this circle is angry and is sending these to punish us. Oh, only the spirits of the moon and ocean can save us now."

Every crew of the ship is mad with fear of death. Bunch of sea monsters are surrounding the ship. They are furious and are attacking the ship. They are making thousands of holes in the ship and soon, the gigantic ship named 'Seahorse' starts to sink. The noise is very horrible. And after a while, the ship sinks completely without a trace. No survivors.

After this incident, no more creatures are in sight and the night is silent again. The moon is still glowing red and the sleeping ocean looks sad.