10. Time to say goodbye

The day comes when the team decides to fly back to the Earth. Tonio is living in Icotopia now and helping the people there to fix all the damage he caused. The portal arrives,

"Martia is always taking care of everything so I think this kid can really be some help with all those magic. Hoho, so hop on folks." The face disappears and the gateway opens.

While the helicopter flies higher and higher, the team wave their hands to the natives. Tonio makes the clouds shape like good-bye and raised his voice so high that it reaches the gang,

"Thanks for everything. Gonna miss ya."

"Gonna miss you too." Urelan answers. Tiara is amazed that Urelan isn't writing the story down.

"Aren't you gonna tell it to the council?"

In answer Urelan says, "Nah, no one's gonna believe it. And I think Icotopia will be safe as long as it's hidden from the world."

"But what about Mr. Steven Henric?" Asks Ryan.

"No worries." Replies Greg and Francis, smiling, "Tonio put on a powerful spell on him so he can't remember a thing about Icotopia."

"Looks like someone has changed their mind about magic." Tiara says with a mischievous smile.

"No no, it's not like that. You see… we…kind of… um…" Greg and Francis try to protest.

Everyone laughs and they are finally going home after a weird unexpected adventure. The mystery of Icotopia is now solved.