The Island Sun

I walk around in circles.

But I am not crazy, I am remembering. Nothing touches me while I remember, except the air, and I dare touch nothing.

I remember when the world was full of wise old men and women, when I was young and I was foolish. I am still young, and I am still foolish, but now the wise have left me.

I remember when the fiction was real, and we were fake. Now, fiction is me and I am fake.

I remember when I could talk, but now no one hears me.

I remember when thoughts where whimsical, but now they must make sense.

I remember when I was always wrong, but now I am only right and the world is wrong.

I forget what I have done, because I have done nothing.

I forget that people can touch me, but I do know that the air can.

I remember when a girl spoke the words Island Sun to me, but now they are more than words.