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Mr. Krishan Patel

Mrs. Harvey is at her desk the next morning, grading papers. She wears her glasses on her head, covering some of her stick straight, grayish hair.

"Mrs. Harvey?" I say, quietly.

She looks up and smiles her so fake smile. I really don't like her, in fact, I hate her. She believes she's twenty one. Yeah, right, Mrs. Harvey. Dream on.

"Maaaacy…" She draws out a syllable of my name. Verrrrrry annoying. I know. "Are you looking for extra credit?" Mrs. Harvey inquires, with a knowing smile.

"Um… Yes. Thank you for last night."

She laughs a very high laugh and then says, "Well. I do expect something in return…"

Of course she does.

"Two things: One, this extra credit must be completed and returned to me in one month. And next… If you have some free time… My grandchild needs someone to take care of her every Thursday night while I go out to dinner."

There's a problem with me. A serious problem that needs fixing. For some reason, I can't help myself from saying yes to everyone. I don't know if I'm scared, or if God decided to cripple me with this for His personal amusement.

"Sure…" I say.

"Good. Here are the details," she says, forcing a paper into my hand.

This makes me mad. So she already knew I was going to say yes? Well then…

"Since I'm babysitting for your granddaughter… May I ask where you're going every Thursday?"

Mrs. Harvey gives me a tight smile. "I have a date Thursday nights."

Every Thursday? Gosh. And isn't she, like, way too old to be dating in the first place? But of course, I don't say any of that. Instead, I say: "Oh. Okay. Well, bye."

But before Mrs. Harvey can say anything, I spin on my heel and walk out of the classroom.

After thanking Georgia for the ride, I walk into the library and look for anyone who might be Krishan Patel. After doing two complete circles around the library, and still not finding Krishan, I notice someone watching me. His head rests on his interlocked hands, which cover his mouth. His eyes follow my every move, and it's actually quite creepy.

I stop at the table he's sitting at. "Um, are you Krishan Patel?"

He simply nods and gestures to the seat across from him as if he wants me to sit down. The nerve of this guy! He watches me walk around like a nut trying to figure out who the heck would be Krishan Patel, and then doesn't even apologize for not moving his lazy butt to come find me?

I put my bag on the floor more forcefully than I mean to. Krishan raises his eyebrows, but doesn't say anything.

Krishan raises his head off of his hands and asks, "So… What do you have to work on?"

Um… your face? If only I could say that…

"I actually have some extra credit to do for math," I say as I pull it out from my bag. I hand it over to him. "It's due in a month."

Krishan scrutinizes the packet, and nods at some problems. While he does this, I take some time to study him. He has light brown skin and black hair that's spiked up at the front. He fiddles with his thick, black glasses that actually look kind of decent on him.

I start pretending I'm some kind of judge and start rating his clothes. A Panthers hoodie (I'm no football fan, and even I know that the Panthers suck)- 2/10; jeans that look like they've been washed one too many times- 3/10; really, really old Nike's- 0/10.


The sound of what Krishan thinks is my name snaps me back to attention.

"How much of this do you know?" he asks.

This is when I realize that I haven't actually seen what's in the packet. "Um, nothing?"

"Alright then. We should get started. So, Lacy, take a look at this first problem. If we factor x into this equation…"

And so the hour went. We finished the first page with me asking question after question after question, and Krishan taking off his glasses and rubbing his eyes while simultaneously sighing. You know, one day or another, I would love to show up in his room at night with an axe. Heh heh… I'm happy whenever I think about that.

At the end of the lesson, I thank Krishan and gather up my stuff.

"Lacy, I've decided that each lesson will be thirty dollars."

I look up from shoving my papers into my binder. Dang it… Had I been hoping that he'd forget about the payment? Yeah, right.

"Krishan? I actually don't, um, have any money to give you," I stutter, looking at the ground.


I feel my face get hot. Now my voice is only a little above a whisper. "My family's kind of broke, and my dad doesn't know I'm here…"

"Oh. Well, you should have told me that before."

I get an idea. My head snaps up and I look at him. "Maybe I could help you? Like do some chores or something? Mow the lawn? Anything?"

He considers for a moment. "Hmm… I'll think about it."

"Okay, thank you!" I have all my stuff and am ready to head out to Georgia's car, but I turn around no matter how much I tell myself not to. "So same place, same time next week?"

Krishan, who's busy on his phone, looks up and rolls his eyes. "Well, obviously. You won't be able to get through that extra credit without me."

Cocky, much? I don't bother saying goodbye as I walk out the library.

Georgia's in her dad's white Camry with the windows down, texting away. Her blonde head whips up when she hears the passenger door open as I get in the car. I slam the door and angrily put my seatbelt on.

"Stupid. Idiot. Jerk," I say with as much force that I can muster.

"You're not talking to me, right?" Georgia asks.

I look at Georgia and see that she's genuinely worried. This makes me smile, despite the anger that is bubbling up in me.

"No. Of course not. I was talking about Mr. Krishan Patel. Oh my God, George, you would not believe how full of himself he is! He thinks that he's some superhuman and that everyone else is below him. Sometimes, I'll admit, I'm a little slow. But, Georgia, he kept sighing whenever I asked a question! Gosh, I just realized he never smiled! How do you not smile…" I trail off when I see the look on Georgia's face. And she's not looking at me. She's looking right past me and out the window.

I turn around to see what she could be staring at. Maybe some cute guy passing by…

Nope. There's Krishan Patel with his arms crossed and his expression as stern as ever.

I let out a squeak and barely muster a hello. Krishan shakes his head at me ever so slightly and hands me the Christmas card that Max made for me this year.

"You left this in the library."

"Oh. Oh, thank you." Awkward.

Krishan nods and walks away. "How long was he there?" I ask Georgia once I'm sure he's out earshot.

"Ever since you began verbally abusing him." I can see Geogia is having a hard time keeping herself together. She's scrunching up her face, which means she's trying not to laugh. I know her too well.

I take my Christmas card and reach over and slap her. She can't contain herself any longer and starts laughing. "Stop it. Stop, Georgia! It's not funny."

She wipes her eyes. "Yes it is."

And on that note, she drives me home.

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