"Game over," said the computer with no sort of emotion.

"Nooooooo! Not Yet! Please!" Wailed Tom meanwhile slamming his fist on the tabletop.

"If you want to play again then press the F5 button, if not then press the escape button which is situated in the top left of the keyboard.' Tom was an average boy with brown wavy hair and emerald green eyes. His only real ambition was to complete his new video game 'Hartman revenge' which wasn't going too well for he has ever got up to level 5 out of the 75 levels. He jabbed f5 then heard a scream and a thud. Loud footsteps were coming up the steps with heavy breathing. The scream had been blood curdling and possibly belonged to a woman. Did the scream belong to his Mum? Tom's heart was racing. He looked around the room, by now they would've reached the second floor. Tom picked up his old baseball bat then hid behind the door, thud, thud, and thud. The footsteps stopped outside his door then the door flew back hitting him in the chest, he fell to the ground then was heaved up again by a sweaty and strong hand. The person's scent was sweaty and stank of rotten eggs. Tom's arms was pulled behind him and his hair yanked back, while being hauled down the steps he was thinking of a way to get out of the dilemma that he was in. His mind was rushing with fear but he was ambitious to know what was happening. He was being pushed through the hallway when he came back to his senses,

"Here's the little squirt." called the man. His voice was deep and rough but it seemed sort of gentle as well. Tom was pushed onto the sofa then his hands were bound with a metal wire which dug into his skin and a cloth of some sort tied around his eyes until it was impossible to see anything but black. A foul tasting rag was forced into his mouth then tied behind his neck.

"No! Not Tom! Nooooooo!" yelled his mum. He heard someone attempting to run in high heels then being pushed back. Tom felt a cold knife being pushed into his neck, am I going to die? Will I ever complete my Hartman Revenge videogame? Tom was sweating like a pig. He smelt the familiar boutique perfume that his mum always wore then started struggling with his hands to release himself. The blade was off his neck now so he was kicking his feet frantically trying to move the cloth from around his eyes but none of this helped.

"Now we can begin!" said a voice which was quiet and sly and had a sense of cunning in it, "All we wanted you to do was give us the jewel and books then everything would be alright,"

"No it wouldn't! You will use the power it holds to destroy the balance of good in the world. But anyway, you don't know how it connects to be used, do you?" questioned Tom's mum. She was scared witty about this situation but then there was a thump and something or someone heavy had just sat next to Tom and he could sense that someone was staring at him like a hawk to its prey. The sly voice spoke again "Actually I do, I have found out that somebody who is direct in family to Ethedia Magicio can use the necklace and make it work." There was a silence and there was a gasp, "Anyone who is not gets a dreadful curse put on them for as long as they live. Did you really think that I would demand for something so… Let's say… Magical, precious and powerful without researching its absolute?" There was silence apart from a dog that was barking outside. Tom was confused, Ethedia Magicio was his great grandma who had lived in Victorian times and died in 1940 due to a bomb. What did she have to do with anything? Tom's mum had said that the old book she kept under her bed was just a diary, she lied! But was it to protect Tom? The sly man was interrupting everything that Tom's Mum said,


"It's simple! Give us the items and perform the deed and you two will live happily ever after!"


"Never mind,"


"Don't worry, we will look after him for you, with our own specialized hospitality, farewell for now,"" the voice was getting further away "I will give you three weeks to give us the items, or the boy gets it." With that Tom was hoisted up and forced through the house. He heard his mother calling, doors being opened then a bump as something hard knocked him out.