They had been driving for over an hour when they arrived. They hid the car just inside the forest and they were observing the institute under cover from the bushes.

"Where do you think they are?" Crystal enquired quietly, worrying for her friends.

"I honestly don't know Crystal. I'm sorry. Once Taurus comes back from his patrol of the area we may have more of a clue, but for now we'll just sit and wait. By the looks of it we won't be disturbed at all." Andrew answered, scouring the grounds for his beloved cat. Crystal sighed helplessly and sat down against a tree trunk.

"Why do I feel so helpless?" she asked herself quietly,

"You're worried about your friends, slightly stressed too I believe," Andrew answered gently. His brow furrowing slightly as he checked his watch, looked at the institute, checked his watch again then looked down at Crystal.

"It will be alright you know. It may seem like I'm just saying that but it will be. I promise." Crystal gasped and fell forward.

"Crystal?" Andrew bent down and turned her over carefully. Her eyes were wide and her mouth moving quickly as she murmured nonsense. "What's wrong, talk to me!" Crystal's eyes flickered to him and struggled to hold his gaze but it did desperately. That was when he noticed her holding her upper thigh tightly. He looked at it and Crystal nodded slightly then passed out. He moved her hands and gently peeled back her faded white dress to just above her thigh. There was a symbol etched into it, pulsing a slight blue which was turning the veins underneath it a sickly black colour. Andrew had seen it before but that was a long time before. There was only one thing he knew of which could cure it and stop the infection spreading. That was pure stardust, the hardest substance to find in the world. He knew that there was a tiny amount in the substitute, what he hadn't told Crystal was that he used to work there as a guard, he had been released though when he had found out about what they were planning to do to a little girl. He had never seen this little girl but he could guess that she was the one laying in front of him right now, and so much as been released than escaped with his life. From that day he had sworn to help this little girl as he knew that they would get rid of her sooner or later. That was how he met Taurus. He had been advised by the stars that a special little girl was in danger and he had sworn to help and protect her at all costs. He had known where she came from, from his first glance but he couldn't have told her. She had a hard enough time trusting anybody, he'd been lucky that she had for him straight away. He took a deep breath and looked up to see Taurus sprinting across the meadow. When he had arrived he looked at Crystal and immediately said

"What happened and what do I need to do?"

"Well, you need to get…"

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