I've had barely any reviews and I'm just fed up of writing for nobody, so I'm sorry for anybody who may read this in the future but at the moment, I'm on my last straws. I'll just tell you what's going to happen and how it ends.

Crystal and Andrew go in after Taurus is gone for too long. They come across Stephanie and free her then they find out that Tom is going to be forced to do the ritual that night. They also find out where it is after following a few clues and split up to find a way in. Crystal and Andrew get captured and they are put inside the ritual room to be used as sacrifices.

On the actual ritual it's up to only Stephanie to save Taurus, Tom, Crystal and Andrew so it's a lot of pressure for her. She gets into a few fights as Tom gets into the ritual, bleeding the life from Andrew first. She eventually manages to get over to Tom and sacrifices her mentality to save his as she puts the pendant onto him.

He comes out of his state and stops the ritual but stopping the ritual at its climax meant that Andrew died, his life ripped away quickly, as the ritual magic stopped. Tom saves Crystal and Taurus although finds it difficult to get back to Stephanie who is in the hands of the master.

The master turns out to be his father (stereotypical I know right!) and so asks for Tom for eternity to save Stephanie. He agrees and takes off the pendant, giving it to Stephanie as she escaped. He kills his father with his newly awakened magic and then escapes. They both get the alternate mentalities taken off them and sends Crystal back into the sky. Taurus lives with and protects Tom for the rest of his living life when he finds out that his mother died while imprisoned.

Again I'm sorry for the inconvenience but I really haven't got the heart to carry it on anymore. :/