"The time is upon us, it is time," the scientist explained as he filled a needle with blood. "This shouldn't hurt one little bit," he then pointed the needle to his arm and stuck it through. He then eagerly pusheddown the plunger and Tom watched and felt it, as the blood seeped throughout his body. He could feel his temperature rising, his muscles started to flex and he started to lose all control as the blood seeped through his heart, he tried to get out of his restraints but they worked too well, he shook uncontrollably and could hear the scientist laughing at his pain. He tensed his face muscles and tried to force the pain away. He looked at the scientist who was hastily filling up another needle with a clear liquid. He then aimed it at Tom and injected it into his other arm. After he pulled it out the door crashed open and Stephanie stood there, Tom looked over to her and she immediately knew what had happened, she started to rush towards them with Crystal right behind her. "Stop them! They'll ruin everything!" screamed the scientist. 2 men came running in, and seeing the 2 girls charged after them, one of them managed to get Crystal and restrained her tightly. The other one grabbed Stephanie's arm but was then knocked in the jaw by her fist. He stumbled back clumsily and he lunged at her again as she brought out her lipstick and activated the gas inside. It came out as a light blue fog and the man dropped to the floor, she then tried to do the same to the other man who had Crystal. It didn't work though so Stephanie instead grabbed Crystal and yanked her out of his clutches; she then set to work trying to sort the man out manually. Meanwhile more men had come in and been ordered to help move Tom. They each grabbed a limb and hoisted him up. The scientist then led the way to a see through chamber. He opened the door and instructed the men to lay him in the corner. They then rushed out the room, leaving the `scientist to lock it up. Tom was still shaking uncontrollably once Stephanie had sorted the man out. She made a dash for the scientist but he slipped out of her hands and escaped from the room. Crystal ran out from her hiding space and came over to Stephanie; she was trying to open the door to the see through chamber. She then remembered the wire she had used earlier and picked the lock. She heard a satisfying click but then a clunk. She jumped out the way as a blade shot out of the keyhole. Stephanie thrust open the door and grabbed Tom before trying to stop him from moving, "Is there anything you can do?" Stephanie gasped, tears brimming at her eyes,

"There might be something I can do, but it's risky,


"Well I could transfer some of my starlight energy to him, it would calm my DNA down and he'll be alright for now,"

"What's risky about that?"

"If I transfer too much energy then I could suffer, but there is no cure for that."

"Just do it please,"

"Ok, move out of the way and close your eyes,"