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Jake Sorenson stared at the TV, forcing his eyes to stay glued to it as the news flashed by. Then, finally they started talking about it. Extreme Fighting.

"Our entire school district has adopted it as a high school and college sport, making it available to the three high schools and the college," the reporter spoke. "Real quick I would like to review the rules of this sport, she said. A list of rules appeared on the screen behind her:

1. Weapons are allowed. Only the weapons provided are to be used. No sharp objects.

2. The standard ring is square. Certain matches will require different rings and objects around them.

3. You will need safe MMA fighting gloves. Without these you will be disqualified. You should be able to grab with the gloves on.

4. No biting. Biting shows bad sportsmanship and will result in a disqualification if seen by a referee. Also, no elbow strikes.

5. You may only stay out of the ring for 10 seconds in a standard match. If you are out longer, you will lose by count out.

You may lose by being pinned for three seconds, tapping out to a submission maneuver, KO, count out, or disqualification.

"This new sport follows a very limited set of rules and can be very dangerous," the news lady said.

Jake jumped up from the couch grabbing his bag, containing the permission slip for his school's Extreme Fighting team that his parents had already signed. He rushed upstairs to do a few last minute things before the bus arrived.

He hurried into the bathroom and combed his short, brown hair. Then he used hair gel in the front. Then he went into his room and grabbed a pair of sunglasses. He put them on, covering his hazel eyes. He rushed back down the stairs, grabbing a breakfast bar on his way out the door.

The bus was just pulling up when Jake arrived at the bus stop. He caught up to his best friend, Jesse Lee, as he made his way onto the bus.

"Sup, Shorty," Jesse said to Jake, grinning.

Jesse had straight, blond hair and blue eyes. He was short, much like Jake. He always had a determined attitude and was full of himself. He was wearing a black shirt that read "I know, I'm awesome". He wore dark blue jeans and black running shoes.

"Hey, you ain't one to talk," Jake said, grinning.

Jesse turned to look for a seat. Jake followed him to a seat near the middle of the bus.

"So, you gonna be on the extreme fighting team," Jake asked.

"No, I'll be at home playing with my barbie dolls," Jesse said sarcastically. "Of course I'll be on the team."

The bus ride was short; only a few blocks. Finally, they arrived at school. The first practice for the new sport was today right before school. The first practices were always just for getting a roster made, so Jake didn't expect to be doing much.

Jake and Jesse made their way to the gym where a large group was already gathered in a line around the coach and gym teacher, Mr. Phillips.

Mr. Phillips was tall and muscular. He had thick brown hair, with a matching mustache and beard. He had a clipboard in one hand and a pen in the other to write down the roster.

Jake and Jesse lined up with everyone else. Slowly Jake and Jesse got closer to the front of the line until they were next. They both walked up to Mr. Phillips.

Mr. Phillips looked up at them, doubt written all over his face. "You guys are kind of small. Might I recommend cheerleading for you," he said.

Jake frowned. "No, we are here to be on the extreme fighting team," he said.

"Size don't mean a thing," Jesse added.

"I'll tell you what. I'll put you each in a tryout fight. I'll give you both something easy," Mr. Phillips said.

"Did the others have to do a tryout fight," Jake asked.

"Err…no, but I am not going to let you in until I see what you can do," Mr. Phillips said. "We already have a ring set up and you can tryout against each other," he added, pointing to a ring in the middle of the gym.

The ring floor was four feet from the ground. The three ropes surrounding the ring added another four feet. The ropes were held to the ring by turnbuckles in each corner. The wood floor of the ring was covered with a mat. It looked like a professional wrestling ring.

Jake and Jesse hopped through the ropes into the ring. They shook hands as was done before a match. Then they went to their opposite corners. Mr. Phillips rang a bell, signifying the start of the match.

Jesse immediately rushed forward, knocking Jake hard into the turnbuckle. Jake yelled out in pain and shock, but quickly got out of harms way by ducking between Jesse's legs and rolling out the other side. He then shoved Jesse stomach first into the same turnbuckle. Jesse turned, grabbed the turnbuckle behind his back, jumped, and kicked out. His feet connected with Jake's face.

Jake retreated for to get a few recovery seconds. Jesse charged at him. Jake ducked and caught Jesse, tossing him backwards. Jesse landed on his stomach, giving Jake a good opportunity to do some damage. He ran into the rope on the opposite side of the ring, turning to bounce off it to gain momentum. Then he ran, dropped into a slide, and kicked Jesse out of the ring.

The referee started counting. Jesse came to his senses and got back in at seven. He charged at Jake, but Jake ducked between his legs and lifted him onto his shoulders. Then, he dropped onto his back sending Jesse's face hard into the mat. He quickly rolled Jesse over and went for a pin. The referee started counting. One, two, three. Jake had done it. He had won.

Mr. Phillips entered the ring, clapping. "Well, Jesse you've made the team. Jake you have too, but I have something for you to work on. Your fighting just didn't seem to have anything behind it. There was no emotion in it. All good fighting shows emotion. Jesse's displayed anger. Probably something he's going through at home. Find a way to put emotion into your fighting, Jake."

Jake helped Jesse up and they both nodded at Mr. Phillips. Jesse's nose was bleeding from Jake's last move. Mr. Phillips took them into the locker room to take care of it.

When they were done, Jesse looked at Jake. "That was an awesome move. You could turn that into your own signature move. It'd be awesome," he said.

Jake shrugged. "It was pretty cool," he said, smiling.

The school start bell rang just as they were leaving the locker room. They went their separate ways to their homeroom classes. On his way, Jake accidentally bumped into a girl. Startled, the girl dropped her books. Jake bent down to help her pick them up and saw who it was. Madi Green.

Madi Green was Jake's crush. She had long, blonde hair and blue eyes. She was tall and thin. She was one of the kindest girls in school and had a great personality.

"Uh…I'm sorry," Jake said, handing her some of her books.

"Oh, no worries. Thanks for helping me pick them up," Madi said.

"Uh…yeah sure," Jake said, standing up. "Uhmm…I have to go to my umm…class. Bye." Jake hurried away; sure that he had just completely embarrassed himself.

He went through the rest of his day, happy that he had made the extreme fighting team. He was not going to disappoint the coach.

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