This chapter is where the story really begins. Will Jake succeed and become champion. If yes, what will Josh have to say about his loss? Who will rise to be Jake's first challenger? Or what if Jake loses? Will he get another shot? And lets not forget about the other upcoming tourneys.

"So how did your tourney go," Jake's father asked.

"I made it to the finals. The match is tomorrow night. It'll kick off the practice, followed by the tourney for the Extreme Fighting Heavyweight Championship," Jake replied, smiling.

"That's great. I knew from the start that you would be a good fighter," his father said, excitedly.

"Well I've definitely impressed a lot of people," Jake said.

"Good. And to celebrate, we are going to watch the football game," Jake's father replied.

It was nine o'clock at night. Jake had gotten home about a half hour earlier. His father had gotten home just a few minutes ago. After they both had a quick dinner, consisting of leftover pasta and microwavable vegetables, a conversation on Jake's progress in extreme fighting had ensued.

They enjoyed an action filled, exciting football game, Jake's team ultimately taking the victory. Jake father's team, on the other hand, lost. This made for an argument between them, about which team was better. Eventually the conversation strayed to the gym though.

"Son, I have something I want to give you," Jake's father said, suddenly.

"What is it," Jake asked.

"Well, I've been thinking about passing on the gym. And you are old enough for a job," Jake's father started.

"Wait a second. You don't mean," Jake asked.

Jake's father reached into his pocket and pulled out a key. "This is the key to the gym. I want you to have it. You are now the owner. And I'll be there to help you, by running the place on weekdays and helping out on the weekends," Jake's father said, proudly.

"Wait, I'm not ready to run the gym," Jake said.

"You are. I know you'll do great," Jake's father said.

"You're sure," Jake asked.

Jake's father nodded, smiling.

"Thank you," Jake said.

"You're welcome. Oh, and you'd better get to bed before your mother kills both of us," Jake's father said, getting up to go to bed himself.

Jake went upstairs and prepared for bed, but he couldn't get to sleep. He was growing increasingly nervous for the fight tomorrow. Josh was certainly not going to go easy on him, especially now that his plans had been foiled. It would take everything Jake had to win tomorrow. And even then it might not be enough. Somehow Jake got to sleep, eventually.

The next morning Jake's worries grew and grew. His whole family wished him luck before he made his way to the bus stop, especially his dad. But Jake still couldn't shake his nervousness. Jake knew that Josh didn't just want to win. He wanted to punish Jake. This meant he was probably going to bend the rules a little bit.

"Dude, are you ready for tonight," Jesse asked as Jake walked to the bus stop.

"As ready as I'll ever be,' Jake said, the anxiety showing in his voice.

"You're gonna do great. Josh won't be able to walk for weeks when your done with him," Jesse said, confident.

"Hopefully," Jake said, a hint of doubt still ringing in his words.

"Stop worrying," Jesse said, trying to help his friend.

"You're right. I'll do great," Jake said, successfully hiding the doubt this time.

"I expect nothing less," Jesse said.

The bus pulled up and they got in, sitting next to each other. They were silent throughout the bus ride. This only increased Jake's fear. Finally they arrived at the school. The large, somewhat colorful building gave Jake a feeling of home. This eased the stress a little.

But the return of the fear was inevitable. As Jake went through his classes one by one it grew. By lunch it was nearly unbearable. Jake and Jesse sat together as usual.

Jake ate slowly, barely stomaching his chicken noodle soup. The banana didn't sit well either. He was forced to throw away his chocolate chip cookie.

On his way back to his table, he ran into none other than Madi Green. She was getting ready to dump her tray. She smiled at Jake.

"Hi," she said, still smiling.

"Uhmm…hey," Jake said, staring at her.

"You're kind of standing in my way," Madi said, grinning.

"Oh, uh…I'm sorry," Jake said, blushing as he moved.

"That's alright," Madi said, dumping her tray.

Jake waved goodbye, getting one last glance at her beautiful, blonde hair and sapphire blue eyes. She waved back, walking out of the lunch room.

"Somebody has got a crush on Madi," Jesse teased as he and Jake left the lunch room a minute later.

"Whoa, I do not. She's just kinda pretty," Jake said, trying and failing to hide his feeling for Madi.

"Whatever, I know you like her. Anyways you'd better win your fight tonight," Jesse said, grinning then becoming serious.

"I will. I have to," Jake replied.

Jake was sitting in the locker room minutes before his fight. His heart was beating 100 beats per second as the fight grew closer. The seconds ticked by and Jake grew even more nervous. He forced himself to take deep breaths. He couldn't win a fight if he was too nervous to throw a punch. It worked a little bit. He was definitely calmer by the time his match was ready to begin.

He exited the locker room, walking out to the gym. Josh was in the ring, his face red with the anger he felt for Jake. Jake's expression was similar. They were both very mad. And they both needed to win for different reasons.

The bell rang and all of a sudden Jake was calmer than he'd ever been. He was able to focus and dodge all of Josh's rushed attacks. Josh was growing angry; his plan to finish off Jake quickly was failing. And then Jake got a punch to the face in. Josh stepped back, holding his nose to make sure it wasn't bleeding or broken. Then Josh, anger showing on his face, clothes lined Jake, sending him crashing to the ground. He then unleashed a flurry of vicious kicks.

And then, only a couple minutes into the fight, came the match deciding move. Josh dropped on top of Jake, sticking his elbow out. His elbow crashed down on Jake's stomach, causing Jake intense pain. Then Josh went for the pin. After three seconds he stood up, not noticing that the ref hadn't counted. He started celebrating, thinking he had won. That was when the ref called a disqualification because of the elbow strike. This meant that Jake had won via disqualification.

The referee helped Jake up and put the championship over his shoulder. He then helped the injured champion to the locker room. Jake laid down on one of the benches, clutching his stomach in pain. He was glad he had won, but he had not wanted to win like this. Via disqualification with him having to be carried into the locker room. Now there would always be a hint of doubt. There was only one solution. Jake had to get a rematch with Josh.

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