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-Ollie's POV-

I looked down at the several pictures I had in my hands, one of Jose, one of my parents, one my best friends from uni and then a picture of me and Peter. I looked at that picture, remembering back to the good old times. All the guys would go round Peter's and play COD on the big screen TV that his parents had bought. Such great times, though they were destroyed within seconds. When we heard about his cancer we didn't quite believe it. He was always the strong one, keeping us safe and out of trouble, now he was the one in trouble and we couldnt do a thing. When he was admitted to hospital after a few weeks we were allowed to see him, bring games, as long as we were quiet. He got a room to himself, his parents were rich so they could afford it. To be honest, none of us were prepared for what was going to happen to Peter, not even him himself.

"That was a great time." I heard jake say from behind me. He was looking over at the pictures, one in particular of a few days before Peter died. We all sat on his bed, cheesy smiles and peace signs, happy.

"Yeah the best." I replied, quietly but loud enough for Jake to hear. Then Joe came over taking the picture off the table.

"I remember when we would mess with the nurse and make her think that we were zombies." We laughed lightly. We all looked down then Jake interrupted the silence.

"We move out today guys, better get ready." He said and then walked off in the direction of his tent. Joe went back to his bed and started getting ready.

I took one final look at each photo then put them away again, taking Jose's picture and sliding it into my top pocket of my jacket.

We moved out that night, making our way to the nearest town, the sound of bombs in the distance. We knew we were in for trouble. Jose was always in my mind though, constantly.