Hello everyone! This is just a little ficlet I thought of. It's only gonna be a few chapters, but I think it's a cute idea and I think that you'll like it. Enjoy!

Pennsylvania, 1687

It was a quiet afternoon in a particularly quiet and uninteresting town. The sun beat down uncomfortably on villagers travelling out of their homes toward the court house, and the unbearable heat was only broken by a soft breeze weaving through the trees. It could have been any other mundane, uneventful afternoon such as the one's they were used to, but no, this day was different.

Everyone agreed the town had been better before. Everyone agreed that life had been simpler before. Everyone agreed they would have been better off if Alexandra Simms had never come to town. They could be absolutely sure about this because just about everyone knew that in all of her 17 years of living, Alexandra had lived in four different towns just as quaint and quiet as this one and trouble had followed her to everyone. This town had been no different, and as always, the trouble she brought was death.

As a child, it had been small animals, little defenseless creatures that were killed to begin with, then moving onto larger ones such as horses and cattle. Everyone knew it was Alexandra who caused it, but no one wanted to hurt a little girl, so they sent her away to live with her grandparents. The first month or two had been simple, unmemorable days like those that every other normal child experienced, but then death struck again. Once again, the animals had been killed, but instead of a simple stab to each one's heart, her grandparent's whole field had burned down, taking the animals and most of their house with it. Once again, the girl was blamed, and once again, she was spared penalty by being sent to live with an uncle. This time, the grandparent's were wise and told no one where they'd sent Alexandra, and Death no longer rode on her coattails. She made it to her thirteenth birthday without and particularly unusual happenings. But once again, Death found her, and took out it's rage on her friend's and neighbors. Houses were burned, children were attacked by nameless, faceless devils in the dead of night, but only those who stood between Death and his love. This time, Alexandra's uncle was brutally murdered in his sleep. The townsfolk sent Alexandra away without any knowledge of where she'd go and making sure there was no way she would return.

Then she came to this town, three years and several colonies away from where trouble had last met her. She'd stopped in little towns along the way, staying for only a week with the promise of helping out the neighbors until she left again. Eventually, she did make her way to this town though, and it was here that her Aunt Adrianna, her last remaining relative, welcomed her with open arms. Once again, she lasted quite some time without causing any damage, but Death found her once again, and took out his unholy vengeance on those who stood in his path. But this time, this time she was not let off so easily. A black shadowed demon was seen lurking at each one of the locations where people were murdered, and then again spotted lingering outside Alexandra's window, not moving an inch but only staring up at it with admiration. That was when it was decided. Alexandra Simms must be a witch.

"It really is a shame," Adrianna Simms whispered to a neighbor about her neice. "Her parents were such good people, I don't understand how they could have raised such a child." Her neighbor clucked.

"A shame indeed," she agreed.

Most of the townspeople had arrived at the courthouse to find that the trial had already begun. Alexandra sat alone on a bench in the corner of the courthouse, her beautiful brown hair caked with dirt from sleeping in the jail cell and tears streaming down her lovely face. She wept silently with her face pointed down shamefully and her hands folded in her lap in an attempt to remain proper, but no one cared for the pitiful sight she had become. She had brought about the deaths of their husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, children. She deserved to die and meet her master in the fiery pits of hell. Only one pitied the young girl, the one who lurked in the shadows behind the courthouse, occasionally peering through the window, preparing to barge in if things didn't go his way.

"Would you care to explain what you know about Ms Simms?" The justice asked a pale, homely young woman, Alexandra's own cousin, sitting beside him. She nodded solemnly and straightened up in preparation to speak.

"Alexandra is surely a witch. She was always off doing who knows what in the middle of the night, she has warts on her fingers, and every Sunday she would slip out of church in the middle of prayers and not be seen again until nightfall. No good Christian girl would do that," she stated boredly. The mass clucked their shared disapproval. The justice nodded and told her she could take her seat. Alexandra shook harder as she tried to fight back her tears, but no one noticed or cared.

The next girl to give testimony was remarkably pretty, with long blonde hair and fair skin, but there was a look of hideous sadness in her eyes as she looked over the gathering of her friends and neighbors. Her eyes were brimming with tears, much like Alexandra's, but she hid them and kept her composure. Alexandra tried several times to make eye contact with the girl, who had once been a close friend of hers, but the she kept her eyes trained on some far off point at the back of the room.

"Would you care to explain what you know about Ms Simms?" The justice asked the same question he'd asked every girl to come before him. There was a long pause, and if one listened closely enough, they could almost hear the girl let out a soft whimper. Her mind was at conflict with her emotions. She knew what Alexandra was, what she'd done, but she couldn't bring herself to believe that this girl, her own friend, could do such things. Alexandra spoke now, softly and barely audible, for the first time in hours.

"Prudence please," she pleaded with her friend. The girl, Prudence, whimpered once again and decided on her response.

"She sent her demons to kill my younger brother," Prudence answered slowly, almost unsurely. She thought about her words a moment, then nodded to reinforce its truth to herself. "She is surely a witch." Alexandra let out strangled wail and let her tears fall freely. The justice sent Prudence back to her seat and sighed.

"It seems that's all the testimonies we'll need. Alexandra Simms, you are proven to be a witch and will be burned at the stake for your crimes against God," he said clearly and without emotion.

"No!" Alexandra cried out, sobbing harder. Outside the building, the lurker uttered the same cry in outrage. Drawing a gun out of his pocket, he kicked open the doors and ran in front of Alexandra before she could be arrested and brought to jail to await her execution. The townsfolk gathered in the room uttered a collective gasp and scrambled back away from the two. The man before them was clothed entirely in black, with even a black mask covering his face and only his two dark eyes showing to provide a glimpse into his wicked soul. He swung the gun around dangerously, daring any of them to come forward.

"If a single one of you lays an unwanted hand on her, it shall be the last move you make in this life time," he announced to them all.

"It's the demon!" Alexandra's cousin cried out. "It's the demon she's summoned, here to finish us all off!" The masked man laughed cruelly.

"I am no demon Hope," he laughed. "I was never a demon! I am, and have always been one of you, a messenger of death to protect Alexandra, and I will not stop now. No one could stop me, not even you and I've been living among you all this time!" He ripped off his mask to reveal that he was not an adult, but a young man, seventeen years of age, who had been working as a farm hand for Adrianna Simms the last few months. "Are you all so blind that you never saw it?!"

"Thomas Stark!" Adrianna gasped in recognition.

"Thomas Stark!" He repeated. "I've been here all this time, I was always there, and they've always been as foolish as yourselves!"

"Now Thomas, think about what you're doing. You're a good boy Tom, you don't want to do something like this," Alexandra's uncle reasoned with him.

"Oh, stuff it!" With that, Thomas pulled the trigger and planted a bullet in the older man's skull.

"Christopher!" Adrianna cried. Somewhere, in the crowd, a farmer pulled out his own gun in a quick flash of silver. There were two bangs, large clouds of smoke surrounding the shooters, the crash of a body hitting the floor, and a desperate cry.

"Thomas!" Alexandra shrieked, falling to her knees and cradling her dying lover. He was trembling as blood spilled rapidly from the wound in his stomach, but he raised his hand and pulled her face close to his.

"Run," he whispered. Then he went limp in her arms and the light left his eyes.

"No!" Alexandra sobbed, holding him to her again and rocking back and forth, repeating the same word again and again. After a few moments of the townspeople watching the two criminals in shock, two large men grabbed Alexandra by the arms and pryed her away from Thomas's body. She never stopped crying. She was crying for Thomas throughout the night as she shivered in the jail cell. She cried for him as she was being brought to her execution. She was still crying for him and only him as the flames swallowed her.

The next day their bodies were buried miles apart in unmarked graves, never to be given another thought. Not a single person cared that they had buried the two on unholy ground, and seperated them from each other, when their dying wishes were to be together.

No one considered that Alexandra had not been at fault for any of the deaths.

No one took note that Thomas had been in every town with her since the beginning of it all.

No one realized Alexandra had been pregnant.

No one knew that this wouldn't be the last the world would see of Alexandra Simms and Thomas Stark.

I know, it doesn't really seem like a one-shot for most of it, it kinda seems like something where you'd need to know the characters to like it, but it'll all make sense later. So, this whole story is going to follow Alexandra and Thomas, but the base of this story is that the two will keep being reborn in new lives until they can be together, so each chapter is going to follow them in a different life. Just a warning, there won't be a happily ever after until the very last chapter. Please review, I really want to know what you guys think of it so far!