Lost to the Darkness

It is haunting me

A darkness that tries to consume me

Over and over again

I am losing my soul slowly

Pain grows and wanes

Was the love I saw

Nothing but an illusion?

My tears fall freely

Without restraint

They fall silently

No one even knows that they are falling

Once again I lose to the darkness

I am starting to love it

Starting to call it "friend"

Am I completely lost now?

I kept this pain inside

Telling no one

Bottling it up

Now the dam is breaking

Can anyone help me now?

Is it too late?

I pushed and pushed

People out of my life

Only to hide behind a smile and a laugh

The mask is cracking

I don't know how much more I can take

The dark calls to me now

I want to answer

But an unknown reason keeps me here

Can you help me find it?

Please help for

I am lost