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It was a time of revolution. The colonies were seeking independence from the motherland. With all this turmoil comes the story of a boy of nineteen whose parents decided to sell him to a lord to pay off their debts.

Lord Pryce's mansion was a giant expanse with endless amounts of land. The boy had never seen a home that large.

"Now, boy," Lord Pryce began, "I am becoming less able in my old age. Your job for me will be to run errands and do anything else I may need. You will not question me. You will not hesitate, lest you want to be punished. Do I make myself clear?"

"Y-yes sir." the boy responded.

And for weeks, the brand new errand boy didn't complain. Whatever Lord Pryce commanded, the boy did. For weeks it was at least manageable for the boy. Until one day, Lord Pryce asked the boy in to his personal quarters.

"I would like to speak with you privately, boy." he said as he closed the door behind him.

"Yes sir?"

"I notice that you've done quite the job around here."

"I do my best sir."

"Better than I could have ever imagined."

At this point, Lord Pryce had backed the boy up against the wall. The boy's breathing had become a bit more labored.

"Is it t-true sir? What they say?"

"What, boy?"

"That you've been a bachelor all of your life?"

"Yes. I've never found someone I truly loved."

At that moment, Lord Pryce reached up and started to unbutton the boy's shirt as he started to kiss up and down the slender neck. Frozen in fear, the boy couldn't move. The lord made his way to his breeches when the boy found his voice.

"P-please stop. I d-don't want this."

The boy didn't expect the lord to stop. They stood there, saying nothing. Not a sound except for their heavy breathing. Then Lord Pryce finally broke the silence.

"I apologize. I thought… I don't know what I thought. Perhaps I was desperate. I'm sorry."

With that, Lord Pryce left the room, leaving the boy to his own thoughts. In the following weeks, the lord couldn't even look the boy in the face, afraid he would be tempted yet again. This bothered the boy for some reason. He couldn't quite pin the feeling.

"Boy, I need you to deliver this package to the post office." Lord Pryce said one day.

"Yes sir." he responded as he took the package from the lord's hands.

He headed straight toward the post office which took about half an hour. When he headed back, it started to rain hard. Lord Pryce saw the rain, so he worried for the boy. He paced at the foot of his stairs. The boy was taking longer than usual. The lord had decided to look for the boy when there came a knocking on the door. The lord opened up to find the errand boy soaking wet and shivering.

"I'm so sorry. I had no idea it would rain. Come in."

The boy hesitated then entered. The lord led the boy to the fireplace where he had built a fire. The boy shivered so badly that he couldn't move so Lord Pryce decided to strip the boy of his wet clothes. The boy flinched away as the lord reached up to his collar.

"Please let me do this. You need to get out of those clothes or else you'll catch a cold. I promise I have no interest."

The boy thought for a second then silently nodded. Lord Pryce then gingerly started to strip the boy. The boy's face started to flush. He had never been nude in front of someone other than his parents, and that had been when he was a small child.

"Stay here. I'll bring you a blanket to cover up."

Lord Pryce leaves the boy in the parlor. The boy starts to think to himself. Why was he feeling this way? He had never been attracted to women in the way other men were. Did he perhaps have feelings for the lord? No. He couldn't be. The lord is simply too old. Well not that old. Forty five at most. His own father was older. Yet, he was a handsome man. Lord Pryce was tall, his hair a light blond starting to become white. His eyes a light blue that had been bright as a young man. His jaw line strong. There must have been some German blood in him. No. He couldn't be thinking this way.

Lord Pryce entered again with a thick wool blanket. He gives it to the boy and invites him to sit next to the fire place. The boy covers himself up as he sits. The lord takes the wet clothes and hangs them by the fire.

"Why are you doing this?" the boy asked.

"Doing what, boy?" came the response.

"Being so kind to me? I wouldn't expect a lord to treat a lowly errand boy well."

"I've always believed that I should treat others as I would like to be treated."


There was a moment of silence, then the boy compulsively kisses Lord Pryce on the lips. The moment was made even more awkward when the lord didn't respond. The boy pulled away with a look of confusion and hurt.

"I must go to bed now. I'll see you in the morning. You are welcome to stay by the fire place."

With that, the lord made his way toward his chambers. The boy was left in the parlor heartbroken. Why did the lord make him feel that way? Didn't Lord Pryce feel the same way? The errand boy cried himself to sleep that night.

The next few weeks had been silent between the two. Not a word exchanged. That was until the boy spoke up.

"Why don't you love me?"

"Excuse me?"

"Why don't you love me?"

"I don't even know your name."

"My name is Theodore."

"Well, Theodore. I simply don't want to hurt you."


"I'm afraid that I would take you forcefully and that you would try to leave."

"Didn't you think that maybe I want that?"

"It didn't seem that way when I tried last."


"Precisely. I don't want to take you down to my level. Hiding who you are fro the rest of the world solely for the fact that you never found women attractive no matter how much you tried."

"There's nothing wrong with you."


"You heard what I said. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you because I feel that way about you. I was confused then, but now I know that I want you to take me."

"You know what? I'll make you a deal. I want you to prove to me that you truly feel that way. Meet me at the barn tonight."

"Why the barn?"

"I don't want any evidence of our discretion in my home."

"I agree. I'll meet you at the barn."

The deal was made. That night Theodore took a lamp to the barn that dwelled on the land to find Lord Pryce waiting with a vial in his hands. The lord led the boy in to the barn which was already lit with several lanterns. The barn was rather large yet it lacked any animals. Theodore was curious about that fact, but he didn't care to ask. Lord Pryce led him to a pile of hay by the wall.

"Are you sure about this?" he asked.

"As sure as I've ever been about anything in my life."

"Well then. Let's start by acquainting ourselves with our bodies a bit more intimately shall we?"

Without hesitation, Theodore reached for his own collar when he's stopped by the lord. Theodore gave a look of confusion when Lord Pryce gave him a kiss on the lips. The lord started to unbutton the boy's shirt seductively. Theodore felt a shiver that led straight to his growing need. Breathing from the both of them became heavier. The lord moved his mouth to the boy's supple neck. A groan of pleasure escaped the boy's lips.

"You seem to be enjoying this," Lord Pryce whispered in to the skin beneath him. Another whimper came from Theodore.


"Excuse me, milord?"

"That's my name. I thought it would be fair to tell you my Christian name."

"Thank you milord."

The lord continued to remove the boy's clothing with gentle fingers. It wasn't long before the boy was completely nude, clothes haphazardly thrown to the side. Lord Pryce reached for the vial and opened it. The vial was filled with a scented oil that smelled of lavender. He spread it on his fingers which made their way down to Theodore's entrance. The boy gave yet another whimper as one of the lord's fingers teased the sensitive skin.

"Before I can do this, you must relax. I don't want to injure you."

Theodore tried his best to relax. He took a deep breath when one of the lord's fingers entered. It was a strange feeling. It definitely hurt, but soon it felt good. Then another finger infiltrated his entrance. Then a third. They moved around inside him until they found just the spot to make the boy moan in ecstasy. How beautiful the boy looked was the thought that went through Lord Pryce's mind. The fingers came out, which left Theodore wanting more.

"Be patient my dear boy. I'll satisfy you yet."

He reached down and unbuckled his knickerbockers. The lord reached for the vial yet again and covered his hardened length with the oil. Without hesitation, the lord plunged in to the boy. Theodore released a scream of passion which resonated throughout the barn. Again the lord thrust and again the boy screamed. They continued like that for a while until they both climaxed, the boy being first shortly followed by the lord. They laid in that fashion for a while before the lord finally pulled out. The lord gave Theodore a kiss on the forehead.

"That was fantastic boy. Did you enjoy it darling?"

"Yes. Very much so."

"I believe we should do this again. When you feel like it of course."

"You would do that for me?"

"Yes, but on one stipulation. You shall not even give the slightest of hints to our trysts. You don't want the law enforcement breaking us apart."

"Of course not. You have my word."

For several months they continued their rendezvous. And for months they were happy. Then a few townspeople became suspicious. Especially those who lived close to the lord. A few would send young boys to spy on the lord. What they reported back only cemented their beliefs. Some would even spy themselves. They saw what Lord Pryce would do to the boy. One day, they decided gather a few men from the town to reprimand the lord and his errand boy.

It was a night just like any other. Theodore had been late for their tryst that evening so Lord Pryce had already been waiting in the barn. A few men were on the lookout for the boy when he approached the barn. The men then grabbed him and covered his mouth so that he couldn't scream for help.

"Boy," one of the men said, "you will lead us to that perverted lord of yours or you will die. Don't say anything. Remember, we have guns."

Theodore only nodded and they let him go. He walked toward the barn, the men following with their guns pointed to his back. He pushed open the barn doors where he was greeted by his lord.

"Oh there you are darling. You're a bit late, but I'm always in the mood."

There was silence as Theodore only looked to the ground. The smile on the lord's face dropped.

"What's the matter?"

"I'm so sorry." came the response as tears filled the boy's eyes. A split second later, the men burst through the doors, guns pointed at the lord.

"Bind their wrists. They will be taken to the proper authorities."

The men take the lord and the boy and tie their wrists behind their backs. The look on Lord Pryce's face was one of understanding. Theodore couldn't even look him in the face. He should have run away, keep the lord from this fate. What were the men going to do to his lord?

A day later and that question would be answered. The local judge had sentenced the lord to death in the town square while the errand boy would be severely punished. But they hadn't been informed on quite how yet. They didn't have to wait long for that. The same men that had arrested them, dragged the two on a platform that was in the middle of the town. There were already people gathered to watch the lifelong bachelor killed. They all had their suspicions. Lord Pryce had been dragged up first, followed right away by Theodore. They were both forced down to their knees, hands still behind their backs, except that Lord Pryce had been forced behind a block of wood. The judge and the executioner made their way toward the platform. The judge climbed up on the platform with a scroll in hand.

"These two men have been caught in lewd acts upon each other. Their punishment will be as follows. Lord Nicholas Pryce, since you are the lead of your household, you hold the most power. Thus you will be beheaded before this crowd."

There was a roar of cheers as that statement left his lips. The lord didn't react. He only looked to the ground, astonished. That could not be said of Theodore as he struggled to get up, screaming at the top of his lungs. The men from before held him in place. The judge continued.

"As for the errand boy. He will receive a total of eighty lashings, then sold to the highest bidder."

There was another roar of cheers. The men grabbed Theodore and dragged him off of the platform so that he could watch his lord die in front of him. The executioner climbed on to the platform with an axe and slowly approached the lord. The executioner forces the lord's head down on to the block of wood, but the lord did not struggle. He just accepted his fate. The axe was drawn up, then swiftly brought down on the lord's neck. The cut went straight through as the lord's head fell to the ground, the rest of his body going limp. Theodore cried out. He couldn't believe that the man he loved was gone. A few men unceremoniously dragged the body off of the platform while another man grabbed the head.

That was when they brought Theodore back on the platform. The men stripped him of his shirt as they cut his ropes. He was then chained down to the platform by his neck and wrists. The executioner grabbed the whip from his belt as he prepared to give out the punishment. Theodore held is breath, waiting for the first blow. It seemed like an eternity before the first crack of the whip sounded. Theodore writhed in the pain but didn't make a sound. Then came the second then the third. The pain seared down all through his back. He felt the warmth of his blood start to trickle down. Each crack became less and less bearable until he finally let out a whimper of pain.

With each crack, Theodore gave a louder sound until he was screaming at the top of his lungs. The blood had pooled everywhere. He had never felt such pain before. Thirty nine, forty. They were only halfway done. There was no pause. The whip just kept going. More and more blood spilled forth. Sixty two, sixty three. He didn't think that he could remain conscious. The whip cracked on to the injuries that had already been there which made it even more excruciating. Seventy seven, seventy eight, seventy nine, eighty. Theodore's voice had become hoarse from all of the screaming. He passed out as the men approached to release him.

Theodore woke up in a medical room, face down as someone wiped away the blood from his back.

"What did you do?" a strange voice asked.

There was no response from Theodore. He simply wasn't feeling up to answering.

"You musta done something really bad for them to punish a white boy like this."

Theodore finally turned his head to see who had been speaking. It was a slave man, most likely sent because no one else would clean his wounds.

"I fell in love," Theodore finally answered. That was when the medic walked in.

"You are excused John. I'll take it from here." the medic said in a monotone voice.

"Yes master." came the response.

"So, I hear you will be sold off like a slave." he said, directing it at Theodore.

Again there was no response. There was no more talking as the medic stitched together the major wounds, trying his best to be careful. Theodore didn't move. He had felt numb since the realization hit that his beloved was gone. He couldn't live with himself knowing that.

Later that night he decided just that. He left the building when it appeared that everyone had fallen asleep. His back was still reeling in pain from the events earlier that day. He approached the cliff by the sea which seemed to be the highest he could find. The water splashing off the cliffs gave some indication of how deadly they were. He stood at the edge looking down. He would do it. He stripped his shirt off, then his breeches. The cold air hitting his bare skin made him shiver.

"I love you Nicholas. I'm coming for you."

He took a breath leapt to his death. The errand boy would be joined again by his lord, after death. Though his body was broken, their love can never be.

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