Losers Gotta Love

Summary: Roxanne Harbor is in love with her best friend, Chase Williams but he doesn't know it. Her family of 11 and her other best friend are a whole different story. While Roxanne tries to hide it, her whole family and her other best friend are doing the exact opposite.


They've Been Best Friends since Birth

"Did you know that if your hand is bigger than your face then you're stupid?" Chase told me

I put my hand to my face and right when I did, Chase smacked it. Hard.

For a minute, I was completely speechless.

"Ow," I said like it was nothing. Any other 6 year old would have been crying an ocean right about now but I was used to Chase's jokes. That's why I smacked him back but on the arm.

And twice as hard.

They Do Everything Together

"I got Captain Crunch!" said Chase when he ran up to me with his red box of Captain Crunch

"Well I've got," I shoved my cereal box in his face "Hidden Treasure!"

Chase glared at me and put the box of Captain Crunch away, knowing I won the game.

I grinned at him and put the cereal in my mom's shopping cart while both of our moms laughed at us.

"I have never seen 9 year olds do that," Chase's mom laughs

No Matter How Many Times He Teases Her

"I think you're getting chubby," Chase tells me while poking my stomach

"Stop it! I am not!" I tell him while swatting his hand away in annoyance

"You're 10 and you're chubby. I thought you'd take better care of your body Roxy,"

Chase makes a disapproving have and I glare at him

She Fell In Love with Him without Even Knowing

"Your hair really frizzed up didn't it?" Chase tucked a piece of my bleach blonde hair behind my ear before grinning at me. My cheeks flushed and I averted my eyes.

"Yeah it did frizz up," Nevada winked at Chase. I have no idea what she was talking.

"Well, I've got football practice. I'll talk to you later!" Chase told me before walking out

Once he was gone I sat down and patted my warm cheeks.

"What's wrong with me?" I asked Nevada

"You could be the most blind 13 years old I have ever met," Nevada told me as she rolled her eyes

I was genially confused.

Her Family Try To Help

I was shoved into a closet by my second oldest sister Jennet and heard a faint click.

I was locked in.

"You too huh?" A husky voice said behind me. My muscles tensed and my heart skipped a beat.

"Yeah but I don't understand why," I told Chase while turning around and looking at the dark figure in front of me that was a good two feet taller than my petite body.

"Me neither," And we stayed like that for what seemed like forever

"Jennet, why is Roxanne locked in the closet?" I heard my youngest sister Rainbow ask

"Because your 15 year old sister is too stupid to notice things," Jennet told the curious 5 year old

Even Her Best Friend

"How do you think Roxanne looks in this dress?" Nevada asked Chase as she yanked me out of the dressing room against my free will.

Chase looked up and his expression never changed.

"She looks like a fat 5 year old," Chase told Nevada

I puffed out my cheeks and stomped back into the dressing room

But where there's Love…

"Happy Birthday Roxy," Chase kissed me lightly on the cheeks.

My eyes widened and a deep blush tinted my cheeks as Chase flashed me a big grin.

"Thanks Chase," I smiled softly back

There's Heartbreak

"I need to tell you something," I have to tell him. It's been on my chest for a long time now.

"What's up?" Chase asked as he paused his game and turned towards me

"I…I love you." I said it. He stared at me for a little bit with an unreadable expression on his face.

"I'm sorry…" That's all I needed to hear.

I grin a sad smile at him as tears filled my eyes and nodded.

"I understand," I turned and ran out of the house.

I couldn't bear to hear anymore.

Who knew love could hurt so much?