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Chapter 1

Halloween Scares

~Age 6~

It happened on Halloween night.

"Trick or treat!" We sang out to the lady that had opened the door. She looked happy, her blond curls bouncing around her plump face

"A vampire, a zombie, and a gladiator. Cute." The lady complimented while giving us candy. We said thank you with grins and ran away like the happy little kids we were. We raced to more houses, our bags getting fuller and fuller throughout the night

"Hold on you guys," my big brother, Cameron who was 9, said as a girl walks up to us in a bumble bee costume that lights up and next to the girl was a girl my age wearing a Cinderella costume. My eyes hardened as the girl my age walked over to me, her sister and my brother talking.

"A gladiator, really?" her tone was stuck up and snotty as she looked me up and down with those cold blue eyes

"You're not good enough to be Cinderella," I shot back, watching her glare until she turned her eyes to my best friend who stood next to me, staring at my worst enemy. Isabelle Servlet.

"You make a cute vampire," she told him, sending him a small smile which he returned. I rolled my eyes in irritation and looked up at Cameron to ask him if we could go only to find him too into the conversation with the girl.

"Then I'll just go get more candy without you two," I muttered under my breath as I turned around and left the two boys that were too deep in their conversation to have heard me. I walked towards the direction that we were heading towards before the girls distracted them

I went to a few more houses before I realized that I was lost. My teal eyes wandered around but all I could see were different monsters and princess and other kids and teenagers dressed in costumes. My stomach twisted but I pushed away the panicked feeling that filled my gut as I started to find my way back.

"Hey you. The little gladiator," I turned around and looked up at two guys dressed in the clothes that mom calls gangsters or thugs or something along those lines

"Me?" I asked, my voice cracking just a little bit as I stared up at the two men with white masks covering their whole faces. My small hand gripped my candy bag.

"Yeah you. Give us your candy," I almost laughed at how he said it but the fear in my chest was too much for me to laugh and was practically chocking me

"Um…but this is mine…," I told them as I started to back up, people walking by and averting their eyes like a little girl about to get mugged wasn't anything to be concerned about

"Shut up," one of the men took a step towards me but I turned on the balls of my heals and ran as fast as my small legs could take me, trying to get away from the pounding of heavy footsteps chasing after me. I made my way through all of the people as I came to the cross road.

I didn't bother to look both ways as I sprinted across the street. I was almost to the other side when there was the sound of a car speeding and people that were passing by turning and staring. My head turned, dirty blond hair getting into my face as a gasp left my lips, and my feet suddenly were feeling like cement while I stopped like a deer caught in the headlight.

My teal blue eyes widened in terror as the car hit me. The impact and pain came so fast that I didn't have enough time to scream. I rolled across the windshield, across the hood and flew off the back, landing hard on the cement road as kids my age screamed in horror, the car that hit me driving away without stopping or slowing down.

It was a hit and run.

I stared up at the clear night sky, my whole body aching in pain, my head hurt worse than anything on my body, but mostly my right eye which I couldn't see through. People were surrounding me, covering the vision of the night sky and trying to keep me conscious while others asked me what hurt.

"What hurts the most?" asked one lady that I could barely hear. I tried to blink but pain struck my skull full force. I opened my mouth wide as a scream ripped out of my throat, making everyone around me jump at the sudden outburst. The taste of iron started to fill my mouth.

The sound of an ambulance siren started to get closer as my vision started to get covered by black dots and warmth ran from the side of my mouth. I coughed, a pain going through my whole rib cage and the feeling of needing to throw up hitting me. A wave of exhaustion swept over me, my eye lids suddenly feeling as if they were being dragged down by bricks.

Everyone around me was trying to keep me conscious but it was too late. I was gone.

"It's my entire fault," the voice was weak and the sound of crying came from all sides of the place I was sleeping "If I had watched her better this wouldn't have happened," the voice hiccupped and a sob broke through their lips

"I didn't notice she had left," another voice quivered, choking back tears. I was so confused. Why are people crying?

I peeled my eyes open, or at least I tried to, I only managed to get my left eye open. My teal eye blinked open, the sudden light making me flinch, pain going through my head. I groaned as I blinked it open again.

The first thing my eye met was my family and my best friend Chase all standing at the sides of a bed, a hospital bed.

Mom looked like she'd been crying; Dad was holding her, both of them at the end of the bed. My twin brothers Xavier and Jaxon were both standing on the right side of the bed, blue and green eyes blood shot from crying. Cameron, my other big sister Jennett and my other big brother Devon were standing at the end of the right side of the bed.

At the end of the left side of the bed was my little sister Heather and holding my hand was Chase on the left side of the bed right next to me, tears running down his face from his light hazel eyes.

"You're okay," Relief filled his voice as he gave my hand a squeeze. I tried to open my right eye but my head started to throb

"What's wrong…with my right eye? I can't open it," panic filled my chest as I raised my right arm to touch my right eye, only to see that it was in a cast from my knuckles to below my elbow. My knuckles were pretty scratched up and when my fingertips brushed against my right eye, all I felt was wrapping. I traced my finger from wrapping around my head and going in a diagonal line across my right eye two times.

My left eye filled with panic and terror as I yanked my left hand from Chase's grasp and felt my head and right eye with both of my hands.

"WH-what's wrong with me?! What happened!?" I wailed, terror filling my chest, the heart monitor that sat next to my bed going off really loud and fast

"Roxanne! Calm down baby! Please!" Cried Mom as she tried taking my hands from my face. I let out a loud sob and went into a coughing fit. The door to the hospital room opened and in walked a man in white lab coat.

"Oh good, you're awake! You'll be able to leave tomorrow but right now I need to get those bandages off of you to see if you're new eye works fine," the doctor walked over

"New eye…?" I looked up at Mom for help but she was staring at the doctor

"What happened to her other eye?" Mom asked

"It seems that her right eye was damaged to the point where she would be blind forever in her right eye and it would cause her very bad headaches," the doctor explained

"So you changed it…?" The doctor nodded as he walked over to me and carefully removed the bandages from my head. I opened my eye but it still hurt a little bit, maybe because it was swollen, but I managed to get it open.

Chase took one look at me and then looked away, tears dripping from his eyes and onto his lap as his body shook. Everyone else in the room stared at me.

"Why is it a different color?" Mom asked

"It seems that your daughter's eye color is extremely rare so we had to go with a different eye color, is crystal blue outlined in black fine?" I looked at Mom and she was looking back at me

"As long as she'll be able to see then it's fine by me," Mom answered with a small smile, a smile that didn't reach her eyes.

"That's good," The doctor stuffed the bandages into his pocket before writing something down and then giving it to Mom. I looked at Chase and he was staring at me,a pained look glued to his features.

"Are you okay?" I whispered to him, worry in my voice. I reached towards him and he took my hand, more tears running down his cheeks as his body shook.

"I'm so sorry Roxy, I never wanted you to get hurt. I-I-I should've stayed with you," He hiccupped through his words, stuttering in some places as snot ran from his nose. I giggled a little bit and wipped the snot away with the blanket before brushing his tears away with my fingers and giving him a bright smikle, flinching a little at the sudden pain in my cheeks.

"It's fine, really. It's not your fault!" I tried to resure him as I laughed a little bit. My eye lids started to get heavy and my mind went fuzzy. My small hand dropped from Chase's face and my eye lids began to close. A panicked look crossed Chase's face.

"What's wrong?! Is she okay?!" He shook my arm but I began to drift away

"It's okay Chase, she's just going to sleep," Jennett resured him and I didn't hear anything after that because I was dragged into unconsciousness.


"Did you know that if your hand is bigger than your face then you're stupid?" Chase told me. I gave him a weird look and I put my hand to my face and right when I did, Chase smacked it. Hard. For a minute, I was completely speechless. I stared at him with my different colored eyes before blinking.

"Ow," I said like it was nothing. Any other 6 year old would have been crying an ocean right about now but I was used to Chase's jokes. That's why I smacked him back but on the arm.

And twice as hard.

"That hurt Roxy!" Chase complained, holding his nose and glaring at me. I was realsed from the hospital three weeks ago and Chase had barley left my side since then.

"Serves you right!" I shot back, sticking my tongue out at him and hitting him with one of my pillows. Chase was spending the night at my house and under my covers because it was time for bed.

"Hey Chase?" I said after a few minutes of staring at the ceiling with Chase breathing softly next to me

"Yeah?" He answered me. I turned on my side, my different colored eyes clashing with his light hazel eyes that seemed to glow in the dark. I leaned over so my mouth was near his ear and whispered something to him before lying back on my pillow and looking at him again but he just stared at me.

"Cool," he shrugged and rolled over so his back was facing me. I huffed before putting my forehead against his back and closing my eyes, falling asleep in just a few mintues.