If I knew that I would be in the situation I am in right now, I would've moved from Japan to America right on the day she showed up at my school.

When she appeared, my life turned from a gray-colored one to a nightmare.

You might be thinking, "What a boring story." Or something along that line.

Trust me, it's not that boring.

… Okay, at least in MY opinion, it's not that boring.

I digress.

My nightmare started when Leomi Hoshizora transferred to my school, Hatachi Koukou.


By: Lychee JeLLi

Chapter 1: The Meeting

"Class, we have a transfer student today," my teacher, Tachibana Jirou, announced.

The class fell silent, stopping their chatters.

Then as soon as it got silent, it became rowdy again, my classmates becoming bubbly with excitement and curiosity.

"Settle down!" Tachibana-sensei yelled. Once the class was quiet again, he turned to the door. "Hoshizora-kun, you can come in now."

The door opened, and a girl entered. Instantly, all eyes were on her—and all the males' mouths dropped open, while the girls were just staring at the new student.

"Konnichiwa. My name is Hoshizora Leomi," the girl said, smiling. "I came from England."

I had to admit, even I, who never really thought of any girl in a special way, was amazed by this beauty.

Her jet black, waist-length hair made her already pale skin seem like it was made of porcelain. Her black eyes shone just as dazzlingly as her smile. A light pink color tinted her cheeks.

Leomi reminded me of a doll.

Although she was really pretty, I couldn't help but feel that something was off about her… not physically, but her aura. I don't think anyone else noticed it.

Whispers surged through the class, the guys grinning and talking amongst each other, while the girls… some of them seemed really excited about making friends with her, while the others looked at her with a jealous look in their eyes.

"Good; Hoshizora-kun, you can go take the seat between the window and Izuki," Tachibana-sensei said.

Takahara Izuki. That was me.

I blinked, and watched the girl sit down next to me. She noticed me looking at her, and smiled and mouthed a hello.

I blinked again, before nodding my head back in response. Leomi went back to taking out a notebook and a pencil case.

"Okay, everyone, open your textbooks to page 101."

I flipped my textbook to the designated page, when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I looked up to see Leomi looking at me with pleading eyes.


I understood what she wanted to tell me. I nodded my head, and scooted my desk next to Leomi's, putting the textbook in the middle of our desks. She smiled gratefully at me, and I tried my best to ignore the piercing glares that burned the back of my head.

After a few minutes, the class droned on, the clicking of the chalk against the blackboard and Tachibana-sensei's words mixing together. I yawned, and as I did, I caught a glimpse of Leomi which left me speechless.

Her hair was silver, her eyes red, and a black rose rested on her hair. I blinked then rubbed my eyes, thinking that it was a hallucination.

Leomi's appearance was back to normal.

I stared at the girl, and then looked back down at the textbook with an inwardly sigh, deciding that I was definitely going to sleep at 9 today, no matter how much the video games tempted me. I wasn't going to lose to the temptation today for sure.

If only I knew then that what I saw was not a hallucination.


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