I lay in my bed, staring up at the ceiling, unable to sleep.

I mean, if there were people who managed to sleep after having that sort of… dream, I applaud them, really.

Sighing, I stood up to make some hot milk or something to help me sleep. As soon as I stood up, the world spun.

All the colors of the room were swirling and mixing together, red spots blocked my vision…

And before long, those spots were replaced with blackness once again.


By: Setsukuro Hyouka

Chapter 4: The Truth

This time, instead of a movie-like dream, little clips appeared in my head.

I was in the middle of a forest. I looked around abruptly, wondering where I was. Suddenly, wind rushed past me, followed by the sound of an explosion.

Immediately, I turned toward the direction of the explosion and ran. I skidded to a stop once I saw the burning mansion and the creatures I once thought were white and black birds.

They weren't birds at all; they were winged people.

Hiding behind a nearby tree, I watched as Dveen was chased by the black winged people. No—that was wrong. He was LEADING them.

Coming straight at Dveen was a blond, white winged man—his blue eyes glowed with… an emotion I couldn't recognize. This man was leading the white winged people.

Dveen let out a sharp whistle at the same time the other raised his hand. The winged people following each man separated, rushing toward the opposite color. Black aura gathered in the black-winged men's hands, and when the aura dispersed, swords rested in their hands. The white winged people simply drew their swords from the sheath that hung from their sides.

Swords clashed, cries rang throughout the place—but no one fell yet.

I turned my attention back to Dveen and the white-winged man. "Shane, what is the meaning of this?!" Dveen yelled. "No—exactly HOW were you able to find this place?!"

The man—Shane—kept a straight face as he stared at Dveen. "Simple. We traced whatever holy aura Caelum left behind, and followed it," he replied, his voice cleared of any emotions. "I have come here to exterminate the Silverstar family—a marriage between an angel and a demon is not permitted."

"You will Fall if you keep this up, Shane," Dveen growled, gripping the sword hilt tightly. "You will regret this."

"It's already too late to try to change my mind, Dveen," Shane said simply. "After all, Caelum and Layla are already dead."

"You lie!" Dveen spat. "Sir Caelum and Lady Layla cannot be—"

He faltered when Shane held up his hand. Two glowing balls floated just above Shane's hand—one was pure white, and the other was black.

"The child will be next," Shane said, closing his fingers around the balls of light. "Eclypia Silverstar—the first Anvil in history; I wonder what color HER core is."

Instantly, Dveen turned around, and shot toward the hill's direction. Shane made no move to follow. "...You are already too late, demon."

All of a sudden, I was back at the hill. When I looked at the tree, all the birds were gone—feathers rested on the floor, and the golden leaves and branches were blackened.


Eclypia's shout pierced my ears. Feeling of dread and guilt got stronger in me with each step I took toward the direction of the scream. My feet stopped when I saw the little girl surrounded by white winged people. One of them raised a knife as the others restrained the girl.

Eclypia's blue and red eyes widened with terror. Her mouth was open, but no sound came out.

"S-STOP IT!" I screamed.

The scene crackled, and shattered, as if it was all made of glass. Darkness surrounded me.

My knees gave out, overwhelming emotions eating away at me.

A light appeared in front of me, and shone on a body like a spotlight. My eyes widened.

It was Dveen—his wings were cut off, blood pooled around him. His sword was shattered, and it rested next to the lifeless body.

Another spotlight appeared, this time to my left. It showed a glass cage, and a small girl with long, silver hair sat in the center of it, her frail arms and legs chained. Her once beautifully made dress was torn, and the rose with the bells was gone. Blood flowed freely from her face. When she raised her head slightly, I smacked my hand across my mouth to hold back the urge to vomit. Her closed right eye had three vertical cuts—no, stab marks. No tears came out from her left, red eye. It was glazed over—lifeless.

Shane appeared, and placed a hand on the glass wall of the cage. Another angel appeared next to him. "Shane, why not just kill the Anvil?"

"It is not that easy to kill an Anvil, Zei. This is a combination of an angel and a demon—each was already so strong. Imagine the power of the combined strength. And also…"

"… There is another reason?"

"I want her to feel pain, suffering, torture… She is a creature that should have never been born."

The spotlight on the glass cage disappeared. Shane appeared next to Dveen's dead body this time.

"You were indeed very strong, but not strong enough," he murmured, kneeling. "I will not take your core—instead; you will be reincarnated over and over as a human. Perhaps one day, your memories as "Dveen" will be revived, and we will have to fight again. But at that time…" His pure white wings started to turn into a sickly shade of yellow, and dissipated into the air. A disgusting smirk stretched across the once emotionless face. "You will be fighting the Fallen me. And you were wrong, demon. I do not regret Falling at all."

The spotlight disappeared, but as soon as it did, it reappeared. But a ball of black light floated in the place of Dveen.

I stared at it as it came closer to me, the spotlight following it. Once it reached me, the spotlight was shining on me. The black light floated in front of me, as if waiting for something.

After a few more seconds, I slowly raised my hands until it reached the light.

The ball burst; streams of black aura flowed out from it, surrounding me. I felt an overwhelming power streaming into me.

Once the light disappeared, my head hung limply, staring at the floor. Footsteps approached me.

I raised my head, my eyes meeting Dveen's red ones.

His appearance was exactly like the lifeless body that was in the spotlight a few minutes ago. He stretched out a hand to me.

"You are me," he said simply, his voice coarse.

"…" I stared at the outstretched, bloodied hand. Hesitantly, I took it. "… I… am you," I murmured.

A small smile appeared on Dveen's face. "Protect Eclypia."

With those words, he disappeared.

The sunlight streamed into my room from the window and hit my eyes, forcing them to open.


Now I knew why Dveen's face had seemed so familiar. He had my face—no, I had his face.

I was Dveen.

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