I was trapped. Trapped in the very place I sought refuge, huddled up in the dismal bathroom. The light flickered, the train rocked, each breath was met with clanging from the tracks. Only her and I were left, or here in the first place. The others.. they vanished, as if they were never there. She was a nice old lady I had met in the most peculiar of ways upon awaking on this train, but we were separated when it came. I dare not speak of it, the morbid appearance, its sounds, the low grumbling and gasps as if it struggled to breathe. It was all overwhelmingly insane, I could not bear it anymore. I pressed my ear to the wooden door, listening to the sound of something sliding along the floor, the sound matching the grumbles and groans, mixing into sloppy footsteps. Go away, go away, go away. That was all I could think of, I just wanted the twisted monstrosity outside of the door to leave, but there it was, pacing, anticipating. It knew I was in here, but by god I did not want to accept it. Not accept the fear I felt, the pain coursing through my head… and it. As if its entire existence was created just for me to deny it. There wasn't a single inch of its body that fit into any rational perception of reality, and I could not bear the thought of it.

Everything was unravelling, and it all started with that single crack I dared to touch.