A/N:Finally, a poem with proper structure. The title can be a little misleading though.
Enjoy, and don't forget to comment. ^^

I am a Fish

Born under the calm and constant sea
And breathing water without a care
Till my head rises above the waves
To take my first thirsty gulp of air,

I wade along a shallow stream
Carried along by Mama's hold
Till I learn to crawl and plod along
And watch the earth around unfold.

I drift along some more upstream
Wading upon my little feet
Till currents push me along
With my tail in a rapid beat.

The river comes, this great blue mouth
Straight through which rapid waters dash
Along a line through twists and turns,
Speeding along without a clash.

Later, the waters mellow out
And the rapid flows slow right down
To stagnancy and a divide
As I drift right back or turn brown.

As age passes through waterfalls
To flounder amongst rocks below,
I do my best but more for show
To live my time like long ago.

And then I drift to stagnant streams
To convene and lay down a seed
To carry on my legacy
As the waters of life recede.

And then the water halts in its flow
And I wait upon ocean's sheet
To cover me in its large spread
And turn my salty waters sweet.