-Stained Crown: The Rightful Heir-


There were 3 winds. If they clashed together, a storm will be born.

3 kingdoms in power's grasp. The 4th will neutralize them all. Hope will be born from a long lost wind that was summoned again.

Revived by the cries of need.

The voices of the people's suffering.

And now, 4 ideals clashed

Many bloodshed has stained the crown that they desired. For several reasons 4 ideals clashed

Between the 3 kingdoms in chaos. An exiled royal blood will rise for peace. All fighting for 1 Stained Crown...

Sparks flew as two blades collided with each other.

"Why!? How can you do this!?"

The man holding a sapphire colored sword in his right hand angrily shouted at the man in front of him. A person whom he once called a friend and comrade.

Two men were fighting amidst an orange colored battlefield. Flames and corpsea were all around the battlefield where they are in. Broken armors, weapons and bloodstains were evidences of a fierce fight that happened there not long ago.

The other man has ruby colored sword on his left hand.

"You don't understand!...All of you can't possibly understand!"

They leapt backward leaving a distance between them. The man with the blue sword then spoke with a harsh tone while gesturing to their surroundings.

"You are the one who doesn't understand all of this! This is an insane thing to do! Look around! Many people has alreadybshed their blood for this worthless objevtive...Isn't this enough to prove that this is all in vain?"

The man with the red sword bit his lip and then ran towards his opponent. He attacked several times but the blue sword always manages to block and parry them.

After a few minutes of intense exchanges, they found themselves away from each other once more. As they catch their breath, the man with the blue sword spoke again but this time, in his normal pitch.

"...Let's stop this. Open yout eyes to the truth. Our goal is unattainable."

The other man tightened his grip on his sword as he slowly walked backwards towards the cliff.

The eyes of the man who was holding a blue sword widened in disbelief when he saw what his friend was now holding on his other hand.

"No...There might just be a little mistake...Everything will go on as planned...If you don't want to do it, then I will!"

He then let himself fall down the cliff.


-End of Intro-