Chapter 1 Chi'Nara's Gift


After fifty years, my wife says it's time we get all of this down before memories fade, and facts don't seem like facts anymore. This is also an historical account for our children who only know tiny snippets of the story, "Yes kids, all this really did happen, your parents were not liars, or pulling your legs with wild stories. To other interested parties, let me say that everything you read between these pages or read is true, and actually happened, digging through old records won't get you much, we covered our tracks pretty carefully, just take my word, IT HAPPENED!

The beginning;

This story, (as all good stories should) has it's beginning in war, I was a sergeant in the Second Marine Division serving in Afghanistan as a squad leader in a Marine Recon unit, I was two months short and looking to get away from the "Stan" as fast as I could, too many good friends were dying, with no end in sight, I was under a lot of pressure to "Re-Up" but I wouldn't budge. In retrospect, the only good thing to come out of all this was meeting my future wife. It seems only fitting that two marines should begin their life's journey in a war, and more importantly, in an ambush.

My unit was returning to our base camp after a two week stint at an observation post twenty five miles away when we were hit with rockets and small arms fire from the Taliban. One moment we were half dozing bumping over a rutted trail, the next moment rounds were pinging through the truck canvas, vehicles were being hit, men were screaming, "Corpsman Up!" Three of my squad were already dead, never even knowing what hit them, I and two others bailed out of the side, I crawled around to the front towards the cab, pulling my Gunny out and dragging him to safety behind some rocks. He was badly wounded with a sucking chest wound; I administered first aid as best I could and screamed for the Corpsman. I then went back for the driver who turned out to be a woman, blood was pouring out a wound under her left eye, she was picking up our squad's SAW (belt fed machine gun) when I grabbed her and together we took cover behind the rock where I had left my sergeant

"If you know how to use that thing better use it now!" I shouted she glared at me and then started firing in short bursts, a couple of my men managed to crawl up to us bringing more ammo for the SAW. I immediately saw that she was centering her fire on some low buildings where the ambush sprang from. I was lucky to have an ACOG sight on my M-4 knocking the shit out of the bad guys as they tried to escape the fire the woman was putting on them. In between shots, I was looking desperately for the Corpsman and the radioman. All of a sudden, a bad guy charged towards us firing wildly with his AK, my machine gunner didn't miss a beat, she fell on her back and leveled the SAW at the man, cutting his legs off at the knees, he continued to move forward under his own momentum, finally falling over blood shooting from both stumps, his screams chilled our souls until I put a round in his skull, blowing it away in a pink mist.

Someone down the line must have gotten hold of air support, moments later two A-10's swooped down chewing every living thing around the buildings into a bloody pulp with their miniguns and rockets.