Jag Kommer

(I'm coming)

Despite the May rain trying to slow her down; she didn't stop running. She needed to be there, to be with him, she forgotten all those times they spent together, she wasn't ready to throw them away like trash yet.

She want's to do something before she regrets on not doing it earlier on; taking her sweet time in the past as he was moving towards the future. It was sickening to her and was starting to eat up her soul and sanity. Thinking that the best way was to apologize so she could move on; she remembered that he would be on a date that would happen in thirty minutes.

Thinking of nothing and going by pure instinct. That goal was blinding her from her surroundings. She remembered running out the house and into the storm. Veronica Maggio's Jag Kommer was playing in her ears. She took very little consideration how this would spoil her iPhone; but she didn't care about that. She wants to get to him soon.

Making a turn to the left, she tripped and scrapped her arms. She ignores the stinging pain as she got up. Pushing a middle-age man who was trying to help her up. She said sorry as she continued to run, similar to the lyrics of the song as chorus repeats, "Jag Kommer, Jag Kommer, Jag Kommer, Jag Kommer- Jag är nästan där".

Making a right, her coat got caught on a bush. She tried pulling, and tugging it, but it wouldn't move. She decided to take it off an abandon it; the thing was slowing her down anyway.

Dropping the scarf that was also slowing her down as well. She took off the hat and dumped it as she run, feeling her hair whipping her face as she continued to run. She was almost there; she was nearly close.

Making another sharp turn, she could see his face. He was wearing an olive green hoodie and hiding from the rain. She stopped and catches her breath, taking deep breaths as he slowly turns around looks at her. Making her heart beat faster as she suddenly broke to run, he tried to shout her name. But he was too late…

Some blinding bright lights and a loud honk. A truck suddenly hit her.

She was thrown a few feet away she was originally hit. Landing with a roll as he started to run toward him. He shouted her name, "Emily! Emily!" with great urgency. Wanting to hear her respond as tears starts to stream his face. He saw that her eyes were slowly opening; he let a smile of relief. He said that it will be all right soon, but he was unsure that it will be all right at all…

"Tom", She spoke. Her voice was heavy and tired sounding.

"Yeah", Tom replied. Speaking to her softly as he strokes her cheek.

"I'm sorry...",

"For what?",

"For being stuck in the past. I was too stubborn to move forward unlike you. It made feel sick and regretful. So I ran to you to say sorry", she spoke. her tongue and throat were suddenly getting heavy.

"That's okay", he spoke. "You'll be alright, help is on the way", he smiled. But he wasn't sure if everything would be alright at all. But for moment, he wants to be with her.

"You always say that when everything is not alright", she smiled. "But it was fun to be with you for awhile. So, if you may, I starting to feel sleepy..." she spoke. Closing her eyes and tilting her head lifelessly. Tom tried calling her name, she didn't respond. He shouted wake up and begged her to be with him. She didn't respond to that. He tried holding her tightly against his chest; his chin touching her forehead as tears creeped down his eyes. He believed that Emily would be alright, even when the ambulance came and pry them away from each other. He kept telling himself it will be alright. But the truth, he knew that she was gone.

But doing that time, as he cradled her lifeless body before the ambulance came. He notice that one of her earbuds wear dangling. It was still in one piece.

Sticking the earbud to see what she was listening to before she died. It was that Swedish song that Emily always listen all the time. Seeing that it was their last song together, he heard the last verse "Jag Faller- Faller..."

Translations (courtesy of Lyrics translate)

Jag Kommer- I'm coming

Jag är nästan där- I'm almost there

Jag Faller- I'm falling

Faller- Falling

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