Suzhz the All White Nestling paced up and down the hand rail of his favorite balcony. Eagerly awaiting news of his Advisers.

The former Ambassador was late but Suzhz ignored this fact for the moment. "What news do you bear? Don't tell me the news are true!"

"What can I tell you then? You mocked Warazz as he prayed to the Gods. You refused to reign in your impertinent Cousin and now you want me to fix what your arrogance caused?"

"How dare you, speak to the All White. I have you skinned!"

"Do as you wish, your sentence will only precede your doom and that of all Shiss for a little while!"

Suzhz turned spreading all his four arms. "Warazz is gone, Hazzzock fell .Not a single ship returned from the Assault on Klackt. Every hour someone bears message of another of our worlds lost. I need your diplomatic skills! Go to that Assembly and beg for peace!"

The Ambassador said. "It is too late for that, First Nestling!"


the Shiss Diplomat pointed at an enormous shadow that darkened the sky. "Because they are here!"

Together they watched as the Orbital bombardment commenced.


On a world far distant, deep on the space of the Galactic Council, the Great Wizard of the Ministry of Control addressed the other Wizards and of course the Grand Wizard of the Kermac sitting in the center of the Hall of the most Exalted. "Our sources confirm that the fire that has started by the Gray Throat Hazzzock has spread all across the Shiss Empire and their First Nestling has called for All War."

The new Grand Wizard of them all, who had replaced his raving mad predecessor said. "So you want us to mobilize and join them?"

The Wizard of the MOC spread his arms. "Consider the opportunity. The Union weakened by the Shiss attack!"

The new Grand Wizard of them All however came from the ranks of the Ministry of Information and said. "All our last attempts and plans to gain the upper hand against the Union had been initiated by the Ministry of Control. My esteemed but somewhat misguided predecessor ignored the MOI and consented to whatever you recommended. Let us hear from the Wizard of Military what he thinks before I tell you what I know."

The Wizard who was in command of all the military might of the Kermac said. "You did hear that the Nul are soon Union? You heard that the Golden have joined? You do know that the Blue won't negotiate for us and most of all you know that the Rule has been restored! There won't be any Y'All coming to cause havoc. The Shiss will perish, they have woken a monster that won't sleep until the Shiss Empire is utterly and completely eradicated. The Union won't be weakened by the Shiss. Most of the Union will not even notice that there is a war. "

The Wizard of the Military concluded. "We attack or provoke them now and this cursed Stahl will have his wish fulfilled, our extermination!"

The MOC Wizard snorted. "Our Military is impotent and cowardly! We are the Kermac!"

The New Grand Wizard said. "And I intend to keep it that way, by maintaining the Status Quo. The Union never attacks first, so let us learn from the doomed Shiss and keep to ourselves. There is so much space neither the Union nor anyone else claims, let us expand there."