I sighed. The last class of the day seemed to drag on so much I thought the time had stopped. When the door opened I thought it would be someone that had come from a bathroom break since Mr. Riddle's class absolutely sucked. He gave no explanation on anything, just gave us the textbook and questions. I didn't recognize the guy though. He had shaggy white/blond hair and blue eyes. If I could groan out loud I would. He looked really athletic, like one of those baseball players or something. All the girls would be talking about the new kid. He looked worn out as well and Mr. Riddles knew. He nodded at him, looked through his papers and addressed his class. "Class, this is the new kid Christian. Welcome him." No one spoke. Christian seemed to ignore that too. This was such a huge school a new kid was no sweat. Most of them became nobody's and stuck in small groups with the little friends they had. If you were lucky, the gang (definitely not group, way more than that, not even called popular anymore) would take a liking to you. From what I saw, Christian was automatically in. I was one of the nobodys, not a geek or anything just a person who gets ignored…most of the times. Meanwhile Tiff gets all the attention when she's imaginary. "You can sit down next to May." He pointed to the empty seat next to me. Shit. Sara sat there; he would get a load from her. She stuck like glue to me, even in sitting arrangements.

"Hey," he whispered.

"Keep your nose in the book." Was all I said while handing him a spare textbook.

"Thanks." I sighed.

"Page 508, Song of Trees. Another advisory: keep quiet. Avoid the Trio behind you if you must but that's your choice." He said something else but I ignored him. He was nobody until they adopted him. I just gave him some pointers for his status although I knew it would change shortly.

"Hey dorkus." Mary of the Trio said after class.

"Hmm. That's new. What's next? Christians girlfriend?" This made her fume. Not like I automatically liked him but anything to get on her nerves I loved.

"Bitch, we claimed him." Carry of the Trio said. A.K.A, Smartbitch of Doom Squad.

"Hey, who said we were keeping tabs?" I said. "I don't care what title you give me."

"Carry," Tarry of the Trio said, "leave her alone. Mary started it." Tarry, A.K.A, Icecream of Doom Squad. Otherwords, Mary is the fuel, Carry is the fire and Tarry is the extinguisher. Funny how their names rhyme like that. The Trio usually claims every new guy, or should I say every hot new guy and or guy. They live to get laid, as Sara puts it. Then Mary punched me in the face. Sometimes Tarry doesn't quite take effect like I want her to in some encounters. I held my face as they walked away. I sighed. No broken bones. Just Christian.

"You ok?"

"Fine." I muttered.

"You looked scared." I was but like I was going to admit that to the new kid who was going to become part of the gang.

"Was I?" I asked. "I seemed fine figuring it was me."

"Sorry." He said unapologetically. "I just came to ask a question about the class."

"What?" I asked annoyed.

"Does he accept late work?"


"Does he-"

"Look. I'm in a really bad mood today as you can see. If you want to get your answers ask Mr. Riddles yourself."

"Ok but I didn't-" Ben came up behind me and put his arms around my waist. He probably thought Christian was hitting me up from afar. I couldn't stop the heat that rose to my cheeks. Despite this Christian looked amused.

"What up?" Ben asked.

"An annoying new kid is asking me annoyingly stupid questions in which he should actually ask someone else besides me because I am in a bad mood right now." Christian smirked. Ben grinned.

"Oh, yeah. I remember that day when I asked May where my class was."

"Hm?" Ok, from what I was hearing it was really weird for me. It was like they knew each other. Or maybe that was just a guy thing.

"Well I-"

"Don't remind me." I cut him off. I actually remembered that day, which in my case, was really weird. It was before the incident in the pool. He was new to my math class and naturally the seat next to mine was open. He kept asking questions like Christian was doing and I got really annoyed. Then after class he asked me where room 54 was and I had kicked him. He laughed it off but I could see how embarrassed he was.

Ben told him anyway and Christian laughed. "So dude," Ben continued, "You've picked a really bad week to transfer."

"Why's that?"

"One of the dances is tomorrow. I'm betting Carry will be all over you tomorrow at the last minute." I tuned out for the rest of the conversation but when it was over Ben seemed shaken. Weird.

"Can you let go of me now? You're making me want to kick you again." He let go of me.

"I'll see you tomorrow."


"Don't forget to wear a red dress." He grinned.

"Yeah right."