Chapter 1: Melody of a Maiden's Heart

"...time has passed by, since that time we last met..."

A soft melodic voice floated upon the grand halls of the palace, as a young girl dusted off the mantle pieces. She floated over to the windows and pulled the curtains allowing, the bright sunlight of the morning to seep through the windows and warm the room. As the sun rays' touched the girl's cheek she smiled brightly "Ah, it's a wonderful morning!"

The girl moved to the other window and pulled back its curtains as well then proceeds to sweep the floor.

"My dreams and wishes, tell me, why do they all pertain to you? When I close my eyes I-" The girl's singing was cut off by a call of her name. "Lily! Lily Mae!" came a high pitched voice of authority.

"Uh in here Mrs. Laura!" she called back to the head maid. A plump lady with little strands of grey hair walked into the room with a broom and bucket. "Goodness me! My dear child, you'd better get a move on" she chided the girl in a motherly tone "You know of today's importance and why we must make sure everything is in order"

Lily nodded "Yes, the Princess's betrothed is coming for a visit"

"That is correct. Now, hurry child! We only have a couple of hours left!" Laura reminded and scurried out of the room. Lily watched as she left, then blew out a breath moving her brown bangs to the side and out of her hazel coloured eyes, and finished cleaning the room. As she walked out into the hall she noticed the enormous painting, of the late King and his white stallion hanging on the wall. Bitter memories started to flood her mind, of the day the last of her family was slaughter. Lily Mae was originally no maid, in fact she was born into a family with high standings and prestige. Her father was a general in the King's army. She knew not of a mother touch, for her mother had passed giving birth to her, but her loving father was always there. William Mae was a strong, charismatic man, who was honoured because of his strength on and off the battlefield; this also made him a target in many ways. Knowing off all the dangers in the world he hid his daughter from society and taught her the basics on how to fight and survive. Then one cold winter evening five years ago he was slaughter before her very eyes. Having nowhere to go, Lily had moved from relative to relative, deep in her heart she knew that no one had wanted her. Her unfortunate luck had changed when she met Laura a few years back, instantly the old woman had recognized her as Williams' daughter, even though never seeing her before; she said that Lily had her father's large beautiful and unusual eyes, which gave her away. Over a hot cup of tea, Lily poured her heart out to the older woman, saying that she was alone and unwanted. Seeing the girl in distress Laura offered her a job as a maid in the palace.

Lily felt a strong push, which caught her off guard as she tumbled to the ground "Ouch" she groaned softy, then looked up.

"Watch where you are going maid" a smug voice said, as the owner of steely grey eyes smirk. Lily opened her mouth, then bowed her head "I-I'm dreadfully sorry my Lady" she apologized; then quickly got up and nearly ran to her destination.

The carriage bounced violently as it hit uneven road, waking up its' occupants.

"Damn it Kaine, could we not have taken another route?" growled a blonde man grouchily to his black haired companion.

The black haired boy laughed sleepily "Now, now Alexander there is no need to get so riled up" he said to his best friend while brushing some hair out of his face.

"My deepest apologizes my Lord." the driver said "However, we should be reaching Hendrix by nightfall"

Alexander slouched back into his seat "Great" he crossed his arms over his chest and scowled.

His sarcasm never cease to amused Kaine "No worries, driver could you please stop so that Alexander and I may have a chance to stretch" he commanded. Within seconds the carriage had come to a complete stop.

Kaine and his friend stepped out of the carriage, and sighed. They had been stuck in the carriage since yesterday.

"Kaine Caddarik, this fiancée of yours had better be worth the travel" Alexander teased rolling his neck.

Kaine grinned "From what I hear about Princess Katherine, she sounds genuine" he drawled, casting a look at the bright blue sky.

Lily brushed her long brown hair absentmindedly watching out the window, she was brought out of her small day dream by Laura.

"Oh, hurry! Hurry! The day's nearly drawing to an end and the Prince should be arriving soon!" Laura exclaimed fumbling to put on her formal uniform. Lily chuckled "Mrs. Laura, calm down. Everything is perfect! No, more than perfect!" she assured her. Lily walked over to the bed and pulled on a simple blue cotton dress that went just below her knees that Laura had set out for her. "Lily, are you sure you cannot come?" the older lady questioned her.

Lily smiled softly "Yes, I have already made plans, which I cannot cancel"

The clock rang out, warning the two that it was nearing seven; Lily walked towards the window and gasped. "Mrs. Laura! The carriage is here to take you to the castle!" she called, grabbing the older woman's cloak. "Oh dear, oh dear! Now, Lily be good and be home before eight!" Laura instructed taking the clock and slipping it on.

Lily nodded enthusiastically "I will!" she promised, closing the door when she saw the old lady seated in the carriage.

Laura and Lily did not live in the palace, they preferred to live in a home they called their own and not just a room. The two lived peacefully in a small cottage in the town; even though they had the house to themselves they had to wake up early to get to the palace for six to start with the morning chores. Sighing softly, Lily picked up her thick blue cloak and slipped it on pulling up the hood over her head and went outside locking the door behind her. Nighttime was one of her favourite times; it was always lively with fresh smelling food, lots of bright lights and her most favourite thing of all music.

Lily walked down onto a main street, and walked up to the big water fountain. Placing a small tin cup on the ground she climbed on the ledge of the water fountain, and began to sing.

"Softly blowing in the wind, I send a message of hope to one day be able to find you. The white moon shines brightly as I continue my journey, on my trek of destiny" she closed her eyes and clasped her hands together in almost like a prayer fashion and continued singing.

"Can you hear my song? Can you hear my love? All I hope is that we can be together, this simple wish that I have always had will resonate" her voice carried off of a melody of love and hope. Lily smiled as she heard the distinct clank of coins being tossed into the tin.

"Thank heavens' we finally are here!" Alexander cheered, stretching in whatever limited space was in the carriage. Kaine hummed his agreement and continued to look out the window. He found it interesting to see how vibrant the kingdom was, it had a nice welcoming feeling, and he secretly hoped his princess too also had this feeling. A smirk crawled onto his face, his princess.

His eyes widened when he saw and heard something, straightening up he commanded "Driver! Halt!"

The carriage came to an abrupt stop, "What the-Kaine! Wait!" Alex called to his friend who was already stepping out of the carriage. Kaine looked over his shoulder and grinned "No one here knows who I am, let's have some fun before I'm doomed" he joked, walking up to the driver and instructed him to wait there.

"Alex, do you hear that?" Kaine asked walking in the direction of that soul pleasing sound. Alex had to run to keep up with Kaine "Hear what? Kaine! Wait!" he panted.

"No way! Hurry up Alex!"

Kaine walked faster until he saw a crowd, clap. His curiosity now piqued even more he waited for the crowd to dissipate before he could investigate why they were there. He didn't have to wait very long. He froze at the sight.

"Whenever I close my eyes, you are always there, I hope the wind carries on my message of wanting to be with you" a soft voice sang.

"Wow" he let out a breath he did not know he was holding, that voice was amazing. The girl slowly opened her eyes, and froze as well. Lily blushed, when she saw the most intriguing emerald eyes she had ever seen. The wind picked up and she gasped as her hood came off, sending her hair flying in every direction.

"Oh dear!" she called then quickly jumped off the fountain ledge.