Chapter 1 a is for Adrenaline

The crowd is going mad! I scored a goal. 6-2. we were winning for once. 6 points I guess it's the Free Dogs lucky match. Buzzer! Time to shower. I am the only girl in the football team. I appear to act more like a boy than a girl. I got dressed into a hoodie and jeans. Simple! I like it. People say I should've been born a boy, I think I should've too. Most girls wear make-up and stuff. That is messed up. I catch the 8:40pm bus back to Harvard Street. Opening the stupid pinkie colour door I see Mum and Dad arguing...AGAIN! Jeez. Somethings never change. I storm off to my multi green sports room. I jump down on my bed. My EA sports bag digging in my spine. I smile, grinning at the David Beckam poster- my hero. He is kind of fit, But me I am not into boys. They are gross. Grossly gross. I mean I repel them anyway. I am more muscly than most of them, stronger than most of them but yet smarter. I guess I'm kind of lucky like that. I looked at the basketball clock as it chimed 9 o'clock. Urgghh a late dinner, my family aren't normal I mean who has dinner at 9 o'clock at night? It's meant to be 6 o'clock. Especially with my little sister Alexi whose 3, Brother Jamie who's 7 months old, and my twin brother Sam whose 12 same as me. I'm more of the loner in this family too. Quite quiet. Except with my three best friends. Theres, Danielle who has been my best friend since I was born, mine and Danielle's mum was in the hospital together. There is only 2 days between me and her. I'm the older one. Danielle's a Goth! She used to colour in her Barbies eyes with black felt tip when we was 5. Then there's Paige she has been my friend since I was seven. She's a gypsy (well she wants to be), she's sooo weird she believes in magic, she reads tarot cards and never wears first-hand clothes! That's why she was sooo glad when a witchcraft shop with spell books, clothes and all that rubbish came out into Rightwall Shopping Centre in October. And last but not least is Ray, who joined us two years ago when I was 10. She a proper girl, like make-up and boys and shopping and modelling and Omg! Don't get me started on her high heels. That's all four of us totally different girls but all best mates.