Chapter 6 F is for Fags.

Woke up at 7 o'clock. My little 3 year old sister Alexi was on my face...I think her nappy is full. GRRROOOOSSS! That's not all about horrible siblings my brothers name is Sam. People make fun of me and him because I'm Ella, he's Sam. Ella & Sam? Huh? Nope? Well you really are dumb. My mum and dad should've been more smart instead of coming up with name. Sam and Ella. Get it Salmonella? Yes my twin brother is called Sam. Short for Samson but still! Mine is short for Eleanor. Granny-fied. And hideous. But hey it's just me. No special names needed like Phoebe or Carly or Christy. Anyway when I went to school. Danni (Short for Danielle if your a bit dumb to figure that out), Paige & Ray (Short for Raven if you was wondering) was there & smoking! OMG OMG! Ray is double-killed now. The others are road-kill! I love being bad...eeerrgghh! Not in that way you dirty minded freak! Anyway not like I smoked. NO WAY. Athletic body here? I just love the adrenaline is so hyped! Like before a big game!