Chapter 8 H is for Hey, Hey! You, You! I don't like your girlfriend.

I have been dwelling over Carlos for the whole of lunch time he worth it? Wait...what am I saying? I am Eleanor the mighty, the great, the legend. Not some girly twat...yes I have been over this point a million times before but...jeez. I am arguing with myself here! I need help! You could at least show some dignity here! Anyway just as I am having a nervous breakdown, Leona comes. YES! Silicone boobs Leona. THE BITCH OF THE WORLD! THE EVIL COW! THE CARLOS STEALER! Haha. Lol. Sadness. So she comes up to me all perfect lip gloss and crap.
"Hey, Bitch. I heard about your little close-up with my boyfriend. You better watch it." Leona gave me her glare.

"Me? Watch it? Serious? Wow, Leona I never knew you had it in you! Shockily you probably won't leave for a fight. Scared a nail might break?" I laughed. Flicking my hair like her.

"Excuse me? He She. You don't know what you just done." She growled.

"Care to elaborate?" I smiled.

"Kirsty! Jessie!" She grinned.

They slammed me into the wall. Jessie punched me in the face. They dragged me to a basement and Kirsty pulled out a knife.

"Elaborating." Leona conformed.

"Big-ass weapons now is it?" I kicked Leona right in the face and she fell down the stairs to even lower basements.

Kirsty put a knife to my throat.

"You have no idea what you just did you little bitch!" Kirsty roared.

"I do." I smiled. 8 years of kick boxing, Tai Kwan Do and Jujitsu and karate was gonna pay off. I kicked her and she slammed into the opposite wall, Jessie tripped me up grabbed one of my legs and was dragging me I used my other leg strength to stand up, kick her and knocked her unconscious. I grabbed the knife.

"Remember Kirsty, I'm in charge." I threw the knife at her and it just missed her throat. "Next time, I won't miss." I grabbed my bags and hurried to my next lesson. I missed on purpose. Honest.