It was autumn. The leaves were turning brilliant shades of red, gold and orange and the wind blew through the woods making a whistling sound as though elves or some such mystical creatures were playing tiny flutes.

And in the town of Wacovia that stood near these woods, it was the first day back to school for the students of the burg's two schools, Wacovia Elementary and Wacovia Junior-Senior High. And in the hallway of the latter, met Chrome Bumper ('Chrome' was a nickname), his girlfriend Susie Platzner, Rusty Crantz, Gilbert Stern, his girlfriend Vivian Clemmons, Christine Peck, Clarence Roland, and Lorelei Finch.

"Another year ahead of us, friends." said Susie.

"Yeah, somethin' tells me I'm gonna need a lot'a dope to get through this one." Rusty said, taking out a joint and lighting up.

"Not here, you like, idiot! Somebody'll see!" said Chrome Bumper, snatching the doobee from him, extinguishing it, and throwing it away.

The bell rang, and they parted ways to go to their classes. This year, Chrome Bumper, Rusty, and Gilbert had Social Studies together. Naturally, they all took desks close to each other. The class began and the teacher, Mr. Hurlwood, began his introduction to the topic. Then about halfway through class, the intercom made an announcement.

"Attention students of Wacovia High School," the speaker began, "due to long-time student body president Chucky Wallworth finally graduating, the school is in need of a new president. We begin accepting applicants immediately after first period. That is all."

"Dude, I'm totally running for president!" Rusty whispered to Gilbert and Chrome Bumper.

"Like, awesome, dude!"

"Killer, bro!" Gilbert said. "I'll be your campaign manager."

"Good, 'cause I'll need you to be my campaign manager." Rusty said.

"That's what I just said." Gilbert replied.

"Oh, sorry," said Rusty, "I'm a little baked this morning; smoked one before coming to school."

After first period was through, our friends all met in the halls once again.

"Guess what, guys," Gilbert said, "Rusty's running for student body president!"

"You too?" Susie asked.

"I'm running for student body president too!" Vivian proclaimed.

"Like, oh boy…" Chrome Bumper said, seeing where this was going.

"You're gonna vote for me, right?" Vivian asked Gilbert

"Uh… I'm—" Gilbert began, before being cut off by Rusty.

"NO! Because he's my campaign manager!"

"But I'm your girlfriend!" said Vivian.

"But I'm your best friend who you know you can't function without!" Rusty said.

Gilbert stood there, looking back and forth between his best friend and his girlfriend, until finally Vivian snapped.

"Fine! Stick with your pothead friend. We're through!" and stormed off.

"Fine!" Gilbert yelled back. "Never liked her that much anyway…" said his external monologue, while his internal monologue said …Even though she was the best thing that ever happened to me in my pathetic life…

With that, the group parted ways. Rusty and Gilbert headed one direction, Vivian and Christine the opposite, Chrome Bumper and Susie headed still another direction (to their next class), leaving Clarence and Lorelei standing there, contemplating the situation.

"Clarence," Lorelei asked, "why do I get the feeling this isn't gonna be pretty?"

"Probably because it won't be, Lorelei." said Clarence, and the two headed to their respective classes.