The following day, it was time for the final election. All the students were dismissed from third period early to go vote before lunch.

"Vote for Vivian!" Vivian said to each person she handed out bubblegum cigars to with Vote For Vivian written on the label.

"Okay, listen up," Rusty said, "anyone who votes for me gets ₱5.00 free!"

"Dude, you can't bribe the like, voters!" Chrome Bumper said.

"Sure I can." Rusty retorted. "They promise me their votes and I give them the money. It's that simple."

"But that's not right!" said Lorelei.

"That's politics, Lori." Rusty said, and went about handing out his ₱5 bills.

"Vivian, what are you doing?" Clarence asked.

"Trying to win their votes." She said.

"Doesn't this seem like bribery?" he asked.

"No," she said, "Because I'm not giving them money. I'm just mentally associating my name with something that pleases them."

One by one, the voters were shunted into the booth to cast their votes. Candidates were forbidden from getting within 15 feet of the booth, so they stood 15 feet and 1 inch from it, calling out campaign slogans, until Mr. Beletz ordered them to be quiet.

After the last student, Zeke Zimmermann, had cast his vote, the students were dismissed to lunch, while the ballots were counted by teachers.

After lunch, the election results were announced in the auditorium.

"Here are the votes:" Miss Clyborne said. "3 votes for Gary Stein;"

"Like, who's that?" Chrome Bumper whispered to Susie.

"I don't know," she said, "must be a third party candidate."

"—26 votes for Rusty Crantz;" Miss Clyborne continued.

"YES!" Rusty yelled, warranting a stern look from Miss Clyborne.

"—34 votes for Vivian Clemmons;" she continued.

"Yay!" Vivian couldn't help but squeak happily.

"—1 vote for Beetlejuice;" This got puzzled looks from much of the student body.

"Why was a character from a Tim Burton film on the ballet?" Christine whispered.

"Somebody must have written him in as their vote." said Clarence.

"—179 votes for Clarence Roland."

"WHAT!?" they all shouted in unison.

"He was written-in." Clyborne explained. "Mr. Roland, you win the election for student body president."

So Clarence went up to receive the sash that read Student body president. He stood at the podium somewhat nervously.

"I'm not quite sure what to say, Miss Clyborne. I wasn't running so I don't have a speech prepared." he said.

"Well first you have to choose your vice president." she said.

"Dude, pick me! Pick me!" Rusty begged, standing up and waving wildly.

"No! Pick me! I'm better for the job! You yourself said so!" Vivian said, also desperate.

"Hmmmm…" Clarence said, "I pick… Lorelei Finch to be my vice president!"

"What? Me?" Lorelei asked, shocked at hearing her name called.

"He said your name, Miss Finch." said Miss Clyborne.

Lorelei got out of her seat and ran down the aisle and onto the stage to receive the sash that read Vice president.

"Yay!" she rejoiced. "I get to be vice president!" She ran over to hug her friend.

"Thank you, Clarence." she said.

"You're the only one I can think of who could do a good job at it. Other people I know can't seem to handle the power…" he said, glancing at Rusty and Vivian, who hung their heads shamefully.

"But how did he get so many votes?" one student asked. "Why did so many people write him in?"

"I guess they really liked the points he made during the debate yesterday." Miss Clyborne said.

"Well, thank you everyone for the votes," Clarence said, beginning his impromptu speech, "I really feel honored that you chose me over the two candidates who were actually running, and I promise to do my best to be a good president, and hopefully my vice president here will help see to that."

"I sure will!" Lorelei said, beaming.

"Dude, he's right," Rusty confessed to Vivian, "bashing you was a totally bogus thing to do. Forgive me?"

"I do." Vivian said, "I wasn't any better myself."

"And I shouldn't have helped him bash on you," Gilbert said, then promptly lost composure completely, dropped to the floor, and began sobbing. "Please Viv! Take me back! My life's a major bummer without you in it! I can't stop thinking about you!"

"Gilbert," Vivian said, visibly touched, "do you really mean all that?"

"YES! Please take me back! I'll do anything for you!" Gilbert pleaded.

"Oh Gilby!" Vivian said, hearts in her voice. "Of course I'll take you back!"

"EXCELLENT!" Gilbert rejoiced, jumping about two feet in the air. And the two lovers reunited and ran off to go make out behind the school next to the dumpsters.

Overall, the Roland-Finch presidency was, depending on who you asked, either calm and stable, or simply dull. He didn't do very much, since he wasn't a politically inclined person. But he did establish a suggestion box for students to leave questions, comments, complaints, or ideas in, and Clarence and Lorelei checked it every Friday. From this, they got a few good ideas, such as a recycling drive and a sock-hop to raise money for the school for new textbooks.

At the end of the day, Leonard stood atop the small hill overlooking the school, smiling somewhat with satisfaction. What do you know? He thought, I guess there really is a righteous man at Wacovia—and he became president.

The End