"What…happened…ugh…my head."

The young boy woke up from his deep sleep.

"Where is this place?"

He was in a vaguely familiar wooded area. He didn't remember how exactly he got there or what he was doing before this. Everything seemed to be spinning and shifting around him. He suddenly had a sensation of being pulled forward very fast, though he didn't go anywhere. He stood up, and fell again, being so dizzy he could barely see.

The boy groggily stumbled his way forward. Where exactly he was going, he wasn't sure. He really wasn't thinking about that at the moment. He was just trying to get somewhere, if anything. He took a second to look at the sky. It was sundown. Or possibly sunrise, he really couldn't tell.

As he kept moving, a blurry shape slowly began to creep into his vision. A house. Good, finally a place to stop. He stumbled his way into the house. He collapsed on the floor and went to sleep again. As he slept, he dreamed of familiar faces without names, events he didn't remember being a part of, concepts he didn't understand. It was during his sleep that something very obvious finally registered in his mind.

He didn't remember anything. Not his name, his family members, his friends, nothing. He woke up, startled at the realization. He looked at his surroundings. An unfamiliar ceiling. Entire unfamiliar house. He began to worry that whoever owned the house might find him. He looked outside a window. It was night time, however the light from the house allowed him to see that no cars were there.

The boy decided that he needed a name to call himself, just temporarily. He thought for a bit, before looking outside again. The moon was full, shining in the sky.

"…Moon." He said out loud to himself. Good enough, he thought.

Moon looked around the house. He found a mirror and looked at his face. He was a young boy, about 15 or so. He certainly felt a lot older than that. His clothes were nothing special, but they'd have to do. He, of course, found it odd that he didn't recognize himself. He looked around the house some more. It was in pretty good shape and the electricity worked. He turned on the TV to see if it worked. It did, and it was turned to the news.

"There has been yet another sighting of the increasingly elusive thief 'Glorious' today-"

He shut off the TV. There was only one room in the house he hadn't checked yet.